Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Check UP

I had my one week post-op check with the surgeon and dietitian today.  Everything went well, and here's what I learned...

~I have to be on the full liquid diet for one more week (yuck)
~I can start moving as much as possible, without hurting myself.  Walking, yoga, stairs are all good things.
~The back pain I'm having is likely still from the gas they use to inflate the stomach during surgery.  It should go away in a week or so.
~At the sight of the bruise on my arm, the doc said "Oh My God!  is that from your IV?".  He said it's not exactly 'normal', but he has seen it before.  It'll go away.
~My weight loss thus far is impressive.
~Since my band is still empty, any weight loss over the next 5 weeks is considered a "bonus".  I'm not expected to lose anything until I actually have a fill. (we'll see about that!)
~When I told the doc I'm not hungry, his response was "enjoy it while it lasts".  Hmmm.
~I have to stop weighing myself every day because the weight loss is going to slow down.  They don't want me to get discouraged.

So, pretty much everything is progressing along nicely.  I go back in 5 weeks, at which time I can have a fill if I feel I need one.  Apparently it's up to me.

I'm happy with the results so far and I'm feeling better every day.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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