Sunday, August 8, 2010


Here I am at day two of my 10 day liquid protein diet and I am insanely craving carbs.  I could live without bread but I'd probably pay $100 for a bowl of cereal right now.

I totally understand the purpose of the 10 day plan.  I know that it's best to shrink the liver so the surgeon can get to the stomach easier, and have more room for the instruments.  I watched the procedure on Youtube.  I get it.  However, I don't care, I want carbs!  I hear it gets better after day 3, and I sure hope so.  My husband will probably move to a hotel if it doesn't!

We just got back from a family wedding in Michigan this weekend.  I was so tired and weak on the car ride home, and very thankful that my husband was driving.  I had lots of cut up melon for the road trip.  Would you believe I actually got sick of fruit!?  I never thought that was possible.  We stopped at McDonald's for a potty break and even though I NEVER eat there, the food suddenly smelled delicious.  I think I would have eaten a burger if given the opportunity, and you know how I feel about meat!

The ray of light to this day is that my beautiful husband remembered that I can have sugar free popsicles.  I can't believe how excited the mention of a popsicle made me.  I couldn't wait to get home and we all had popsicles BEFORE dinner.  That doesn't happen in our house.  Then, my husband says "Well, I didn't have much lunch today so I'm going to eat an early dinner".  Ha, HE didn't eat much lunch?  How about I DRANK my lunch.  So he makes me laugh by saying "well, you paid for the all you can't eat buffet".  He's right.  I'm paying BIG $$$$$$ for this procedure, and I won't screw it up!

So, tomorrow I'm off to the store to stock up on more protein powder and fruit.  I CAN do this...I CAN do this...

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