Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Done...I'm Banded

Yesterday went pretty smoothly.  The babysitter was here at 5:40am. and hubby and I were at the hospital at 6am.  They got me all settled in and then the doc came in to see me and meet my husband.  It was funny, he said "Good morning, are you ready?" and I said "I'm ready, are you!?".  I told him I hoped I had done a good job shrinking my liver for him, and wished him luck.  I met my anesthesia team and politely apologized for my huge tonsils.  They took a look and asked why I had never had them out!
I can vaguely remember the doc telling me that everything went well and I was all done.  I guess I started waking up an hour later and said I had pain.  They gave me lots of great drugs and I was feeling great.  I slept a lot.  The doc came in and said everything went great and that I did an awesome job shrinking the liver, he had easy access to my stomach.  Then I had to laugh because he said "All of your organs are just beautiful!  Everything in there looks great!".  I told him he was the very first person to ever tell me that!
Then he proceeds to tell me that I'll be able to see my port through my skin because he didn't really have any place to hide it.  Are you kidding me?!  I sure have enough belly fat but according to him, there wasn't a lot of tissue where he has to place it and I might not like the look of it.  I assured him that I would never be wearing a bikini, so it probably wouldn't be a problem!
I was way ahead of the pain curve while at the hospital and was walking around like nothing happened.  Unfortunately the pharmacy messed up and didn't fill my Rx so I was 2 hours late getting my meds and have been in pain ever since.  I'm trying to get ahead of it again but it's taking time.
I'll be trying to get lots of rest over the next couple days while I have the hubby here to help.

Here's a "day 1" picture.  I'm thinking of taking one a month to track my progress.

I'll keep you posted!

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FitBy40 said...

I didn't tell anyone...
Looks like Kim and I win the prize.