Thursday, August 12, 2010

Plugging Right Along...

Remember I was down 4 pounds?  Then yesterday morning I was back up a half pound.  I was thinking "Were my grapes too fatty?  Was the 1% fat from my 99% fat free chicken broth too much for me?!"  Come on!  Of course, it was just water weight, but it made me mad all the same.  Michele says I should ditch my scale for a while.  I think I agree.  I wonder if I can discipline myself to only weigh in once a week and leave the scale alone on the other days. That will be tough.

Speaking of 'water' weight.  Oh my God, how could I possibly pee any more?!  Hubby used to say I had the smallest bladder in the world, and that was before I started the liquid diet.  Honestly, I pee ALL THE TIME!  Think about it, I'm drinking my food, and drinking my drinks.  I'm definitely flushing out the system, so to speak.

Yesterday I had to actually cook for the first time since starting this.  We were out of town for the weekend, and even when we got back on Sunday, it was sort of 'fend for yourself' with sandwiches and snacks for hubby and kids.  Monday and Tuesday hubs had to work late and got something on the way home.  Yesterday I had to cook because I signed up to prepare a meal for one of the women in our Mom's group who just had a baby.  That service is wonderful and we enjoyed all the meals that were delivered to us after we had our baby.  I cooked chicken, rice and green beans.  I made it at 10am. right after having a protein shake, so I wasn't hungry.  I'm proud to announce that I didn't even have a taste!  I put enough aside for dinner here so I wouldn't have to cook again, just warm it up.  I think I'm getting better at this not eating thing  because I wasn't really bothered by it.  I sat at the table with the family but had my shake and some canteloupe, and was just fine.

I'm counting down the days until surgery day.  It's approaching so fast.  I think I'm having some low level anxiety about it but I just keep trying to focus on the positive.  I have you guys to help me through this!

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Dawn said...

Good luck to you. Things will start moving again. Don't get discouraged. Your doing a great job. And good luck on Tuesday.