Friday, September 17, 2010

One Month Bandiversary and My Birthday!

Well, my one month post-op happens to fall on my birthday.  I have so many reasons to celebrate.  I am so thankful that I've had this band for a month and no complications.  That was my biggest fear in the beginning, and although I still fear something could go wrong, the more time that passes the better I feel about it.
I started the 'soft foods' diet on Wednesday.  It feels good to be eating some normal foods.  I can actually eat some of what the rest of my family eats at dinner time which is so nice!
A lot of what I've read says that once you start on the soft foods, it's likely you'll gain a little of the weight back.  I'm so happy to report that hasn't happened.  However, the weight loss has slowed WAY down.  I may as well post my weekly weigh in today as tomorrow is going to be a super busy day and I most likely won't have time to post.  So, my grand total to date is....

22 pounds

OK, so that doesn't seem like a great deal since last week, but hey, I didn't gain!  I am taking that as a victory.
Hubby's folks are on their way into town right now.  We'll go out for a birthday dinner tonight.  This is the first time eating out for me.  I've already checked the menu and know what my choices are for ordering without straying from the current diet.  I'm so excited!
Tomorrow the hubby and I are going out for a day at the races.  We've never been, but it's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend here so it should be fun.

As promised, I took a one month pic this am.  I really don't think you can see much of a difference.

I guess I could have put last month and this month side by side, but if you really want that, you can scroll back and look at the old one.
I can tell you that I have a big bag of clothes ready to go to the Good Will, that are way too big on me now.  That's good enough for me!
Well, I'm off to do some birthday celebrating, so until next time, be well!

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Rachel. said...

Hi there... Hope you had a great birthday & are doing well :)
I love the before & after shots and I really need to get those things of me up on my blog :( mmmm maybe next week !!