Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Day Late....A Pound Short?

Once again I'm late with my weekly weigh in.  We took the kids out for most of the day yesterday due to the gorgeous weather here.  I just didn't find the time to post.  So, here's the weekly report.  As of today, my total weight loss is....


Still coming off slow, but hey, it's coming off!  I'm a little torn about my opportunity for a second fill next week.  I sure would like to be losing the weight a little faster, and do wish I got full like I used to.  However, I read blogs of other people with the band and I'm terrified of what could happen.  Some people have trouble even getting water down, and often feel like they're choking or the food is 'stuck'!  I certainly DON'T want that.  I like the fact that I can sit down to dinner with my family and eat what they're eating (in smaller amounts).  I don't want to hate eating, or be afraid to eat.  I guess I could go ahead and get the fill and if I feel it's too much, I could ask for an un-fill.  The doctor is only one mile from my house so it's pretty convenient.  Decisions, decisions.

I'm getting into a good gym schedule now and loving it.  Spinning is kicking my butt, but that's exactly what I need.  I'm supposed to be getting a trainer to work with me for 8 sessions but haven't heard from anyone yet.  I'll be calling them next week if I don't hear from them.  I'm anxious to get started.

Well folks, that's all I have to report now.  I'll be in touch!

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