Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Month "Bandiversary"

Today marks month 2 since surgery.  I'm feeling good, and comfortable in my own skin.  I'm working out more and have tons more energy.  However, I haven't lost anything since last week.  I go to the doc on Wednesday and he was very clear when he said "If you aren't losing a pound a week, I need to see you".  So, it looks like a fill is in order.  I've been reading a lot about fills and understand that it's the second fill that is the humdinger!  I'm sure hoping this is the case because I'm sick of hanging out at 23 pounds.  I'm grateful for my loss so far, and all the benefits I've felt, but it's time to move on already!
So, as promised, here are the before and after pics.  Actually, it's before and 'during', because this is a process that I'm going through, so I'm not at 'after' yet!
Last time I said there wasn't much of a noticeable difference.  Dena called me right up and said she could tell in my butt!  That's certainly good news because that's exactly where I'd like to start losing the weight.  Thanks Dena!


Thanks for all your support ladies, it really helps!  I'll be back on Wednesday to tell you about my appointment.

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Read said...

wow! You're doing great!