Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Doesn't Kill Me...Will Make Me Stronger!

Well. I've met my personal trainer.  She's about 20 years old and competes in hot body bikini contests.  Yup, apparently she came in first place last year.  So no matter how good I think I look, or how loose my jeans are, when I stand in the mirror next to this chick, I look FLABolicious!  I'm certainly not trying to compare myself to this teeny tiny person who has never birthed a baby, but it sure is hard to feel good about yourself when you're standing in a full length mirror next to a bikini model!  Sheesh.  She has been very sweet though and said I am a lot stronger than most of her clients.  She informed me after the first day that she sees no reason to go easy on me.  Great.  Our sessions are only 30 minutes long, and even though the work out was hard, I didn't think I'd be sore the next day.  WRONG!  The backs of my arms and my inner thighs were on fire.  Thank you very much bikini girl!

On a side note...after my first training session, my primary incision site was really tender.  That lasted almost 2 days.  I thought I pulled or strained something.  Then, all of a sudden I saw something poking out of the corner of the incision.  I gave it a gentle squeeze and something black came out!  I believe it was a subcutaneous stitch that never dissolved.  How weird is that!?  After it came out, the hole closed up and no more tenderness.  The body is an amazing thing.  (I know my cute little nurse friend Dena is loving this).

Since Sunday is the 17th, which marks the 2 month anniversary of my surgery, I'll be posting my weigh in, and current pictures on that day.  I'm working all day on Saturday anyway so I won't have much time for posting.  So, until then be well my friends!

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rach said...

Wow ! WTG with the trainer !! Two months already ?! I'm amazed at how quickly it goes... I hit the 3 month mark and really had to double check it ! Have a good week !!