Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heading Home for the Holidays

We're headed home this morning to celebrate Christmas with the family.  I'll have to post an update when we return.  I've had no time this week with all the packing and preparing.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.  See you when we get back!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

4 Month Bandiversary, pics and an update

Yesterday marked my 4 month anniversary since surgery.  My, how the time flies!  Overall things have been going well.  I have the occasional 'stuck' episode but I've pretty much figured out how and what to eat so that it won't happen.  I feel healthy and strong.  That's the most important thing to me right now.
This week I managed to lose just under a pound again.  I guess my body likes this pace.  I accept that because it's not a gain.  So, my total loss to date is...


Here are my day 1 pictures...



And today...


I really have no idea why I can't get the pictures to line up properly, but this is the best I can do.  I've labeled them so you can see which is the before and which is the current.  I think it's time I replace the pajama pants since they are so baggy, you can't really see any definition in my legs.  I just wanted to keep the consistency going for a while, but it's time for a change!
We're headed out for our Christmas vacation on Thursday, and my hope is to be down that last .4 before then to make it an even 35.  I think I can do it.  Now the trick will be to not gain it back while on vacation!  That's the tough part.

As promised, here's the picture of me in my new jacket that I picked up on the 'marked way WAY down' rack.  Ladies Large!

I love it.  And mostly I love my husband for saying "You should have bought two because you'll be in the medium soon".
We're doing our Christmas here at home tomorrow morning and we're leaving for our road trip on Thursday.  I'll try to do a quick post and weigh in on Wednesday before we head out.  Until then, be well and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly weigh in and Reflections

It seems like my weekly weigh in has been pushed to Sunday more often than not lately.  I had wanted Saturday to be my day since that was my old Weight Watchers day, but we've been so busy over here I rarely get to it on time.  Anyway, I weighed in this morning and lo and behold I'm down another pound.  So, my total to date is


Slow and steady wins the race.  That's what I keep telling myself!  I figure as long as I'm not gaining and I'm comfortable with my band (no complications), then that's a win for me.

For some reason I woke up today thinking it was my 4 month Bandiversary.  Hubby had to remind me that today is the 12th, not the 17th so it's not time for a picture yet!  That made me think about how I'm less obsessed with the numbers these days.  As a matter of fact, when I weighed myself today I had to go back to last weeks post on here to see what my last number was.  I used to know my weight with absolute precision on any given day of the week.  It was a bit of a shock to me today that I couldn't even remember what I weighed last week.  I think that's a minor victory for me since it probably means I'm focusing more on how I feel, not so much what the number on the scale says.
I also don't care as much about food any more.  If I can only eat 2 bites of my dinner and come back to it 1/2 hour later, then so be it.  Doesn't bother me any more.  I guess that will be a problem if I'm out at a restaurant with people who don't know about the band, but in my regular, every day life, who cares!  I think my priorities are shifting from quantity to quality.  I'm pretty sure I'd rather have a few bites of a high quality piece of fish than a whole plate full of some junk that has no benefit to my body.  Oh my, times have changed!

Now, on to a Non Scale Victory.  I was out shopping with the kids the other day and happened by a small rack of left over fall coats that were marked way down.  I noticed they only had Medium and Large left.  The old me would have just walked away because there wasn't an XL on the rack.  But the new me tried on the large, and then bought it for myself!  I should probably be posting a pic of it here but I'm comfy under my blanket right now and I'm not getting up!  I'll have to do that tomorrow.
So, I'm not sure why I'm still in such shock that I'm wearing a regular ladies Large, but I hope it's finally sinking in.  Geez, maybe by the time it sinks in, I'll be in a Medium!
Until next time, stay warm and be well.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Favorite Breakfast

I know so many WLS people who can't wait to finally ditch their protein shake once they've graduated to solid foods.  I never had a problem with the shakes, which is odd because I'm very much a texture person.  I think you just have to find one you like.
Recently, I came up with a concoction that I actually wake up thinking about, and can't wait to have.  It reminds me of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and who doesn't like those?!  Well, my husband wouldn't like them, but besides him, who doesn't love peanut butter and chocolate together!
So, here's what I do...

I use 1 Cup of this light chocolate flavored soy milk.  It has the same amount of protein as skim milk, and slightly less sugar, so that wins points from me.

Not so easy to find, but other brands are available
 Then I add this protein powder.  It's unflavored so it works well with the chocolate milk.  This particular brand of powder provides 25 grams of protein per 3 scoops.  Added to the milk brings the protein up to a whopping 32 grams!  And get this, ZERO grams of sugar.  Again a winner in my book.

Cheap and available at most Wal Mart stores
 Now, here's the best part.  I add 1 Tablespoon of this.  It's heaven in a jar if you ask me.  Just plain, all natural, no added junk, peanut butter.

Ingredients: Dry roasted peanuts!
That's 3 1/2 more grams of protein, so we're up to 35.5!  That's my kind of breakfast, and it's so yummy. 
Now, I'm sure most of us would agree that we no longer get enough fruit in our diet.  I love fruit but rarely have room for it, especially if I want to get in all my protein.  So, I have been adding a banana (that's equal to 2 fruits) to this protein shake.  It no longer tastes like a PB cup, but the banana makes it so thick and creamy, it's like drinking a nice thick milk shake.  Yummm-O!
I hope someone will try this and fall in love as much as I have.  Enjoy!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sometimes life gets in the way

This week my daughter was sick and missed 4 days of school.  She's a great kid and pretty low maintenance even when she's not feeling well, so all she wanted was a lot of rest and lots of popsicles.  I can't say it was a great deal of work having her home.  However, I was totally off my schedule.  I hate that something like this can completely throw me off track.  I've still been eating small amounts but my choices haven't exactly followed the #1 Band rule of "protein first".  It's been more 'a handful of this, a handful of that' sort of week for me.  I need to do some more work on making the band rules a way of life, every day, no matter what is going on.  I'm a work in progress. 
I also didn't get to the gym AT ALL!  How is it that I made it there 4 times the week of Thanksgiving, and this week none?  I'm actually leaving in a half an hour to do a spinning class, but this is the first time all week.  Yikes!  I did walk/run on my treadmill 3 times though, and the kids and I played around with the Wii Fit a couple times, so I did get some exercise in, just not the weight training that I'm used to.
So, with that being said, I did in fact lose a tiny bit of weight this week.  0.3 to be exact.  What a pain in the ass this is!  So, my total weight loss to date is...


Yeah, sure I'm thankful it's not a gain.  It's just frustrating that even after weight loss surgery I still have to work my butt off to see a change on the scale, while some people don't have to work at it at all.  Please don't think I was looking for a fast and easy fix when I signed up for this, I'm just venting is all.  I'll get over it and next week will be a better week.
So, I've still got some things to learn, some work to do.  With the holidays coming up, I better get my act in gear Pronto!
Happy Saturday everyone.