Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Favorite Breakfast

I know so many WLS people who can't wait to finally ditch their protein shake once they've graduated to solid foods.  I never had a problem with the shakes, which is odd because I'm very much a texture person.  I think you just have to find one you like.
Recently, I came up with a concoction that I actually wake up thinking about, and can't wait to have.  It reminds me of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and who doesn't like those?!  Well, my husband wouldn't like them, but besides him, who doesn't love peanut butter and chocolate together!
So, here's what I do...

I use 1 Cup of this light chocolate flavored soy milk.  It has the same amount of protein as skim milk, and slightly less sugar, so that wins points from me.

Not so easy to find, but other brands are available
 Then I add this protein powder.  It's unflavored so it works well with the chocolate milk.  This particular brand of powder provides 25 grams of protein per 3 scoops.  Added to the milk brings the protein up to a whopping 32 grams!  And get this, ZERO grams of sugar.  Again a winner in my book.

Cheap and available at most Wal Mart stores
 Now, here's the best part.  I add 1 Tablespoon of this.  It's heaven in a jar if you ask me.  Just plain, all natural, no added junk, peanut butter.

Ingredients: Dry roasted peanuts!
That's 3 1/2 more grams of protein, so we're up to 35.5!  That's my kind of breakfast, and it's so yummy. 
Now, I'm sure most of us would agree that we no longer get enough fruit in our diet.  I love fruit but rarely have room for it, especially if I want to get in all my protein.  So, I have been adding a banana (that's equal to 2 fruits) to this protein shake.  It no longer tastes like a PB cup, but the banana makes it so thick and creamy, it's like drinking a nice thick milk shake.  Yummm-O!
I hope someone will try this and fall in love as much as I have.  Enjoy!


Sam said...

It does sound pretty good :o)

You are so right about the fruit, it can be difficult. I have a strawberry protien mix at the moment and you have just inspired me to try it with banana, I hope it will make it thicker and creamier too!!

Angie said...

That's a similar recipe (different brands of course) that I used every day for my protein shakes. It's fabulous!! You are right about the banana. It does make it thicker. Good stuff!