Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fill #3; Re-do!

Well, I decided it was time to go back and get that .25 put back in that the doc had to take out before.  I learned a lot from that last fill, the one that had me puking for a week straight!  I learned that even though my doc says to stick to liquids for one day after a fill, maybe I need to do that for 2 days just to be safe.  Looking back, I now know I was inflamed from the fill, tried to eat, got sick which caused more inflammation, then worked out vigorously which caused a LOT of inflammation.  It was a big vicious cycle.  So, I had the fill yesterday morning.  Later I had a protein shake for lunch, and really runny oatmeal for dinner.  No problems, phew!  This morning I had another protein shake.  No mid-morning snack, then cottage cheese for lunch.  So far, so good.  I was a bit afraid to have a repeat of that last fill and horrible experience, but now I'm glad I went back in.  I've been losing, slowly and steadily, but I feel ready to kick this thing into gear.  Bathing suit season is coming, ya' know!
Hubby and I are going out for dinner tonight since our favorite babysitter is heading back to college this weekend.  I'll probably get soup.  I don't want to tempt fate and cause problems.  At this point it's more about just going out together, it's not about the food.  Gee, who would have thought I'd ever say that!

A quick tidbit on hair loss:
I talked to the dietitian about my hair loss.  I was wondering how someone like me who is losing barely a pound a week, would be losing hair.  She said some hair loss is typical with any amount of weight loss.  She also said if it's bad (my hairdresser noticed mine!) that protein shakes are a must.  Even people who have been off the shakes and on regular food should go back on them once a day until the hair loss levels off.  She did a quick calculation...something about how many grams of protein per pound of body weight.  For my current weight I am supposed to be getting at least 70 grams of protein per day.  I think I'm getting about that much, sometimes more.  However, without my daily shake I wouldn't even be close.
The reason I'm posting this here is for those of you out there who are still struggling with the hair issue.  It might be a good idea to start logging your daily protein intake just to make sure you're getting enough.  The dietitian recommended keeping track 2-3 days a week.  I hope that's helpful.

Enjoy the rest of the week.  See you Saturday!

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Libby said...

Good to know about the hair loss. I drink a protien shake every morning and I think that might be helping me as I haven't noticed any significant hair loss yet.

Congrats on your re-fill.