Friday, January 14, 2011

My Word of The Year

For a few weeks now, other banded bloggers have been talking about their word for the year.  I've been giving it some thought.  I came up with some, then decided they weren't really for me.  I think I have finally come up with my word for 2011.  Here it is...



1.  the fact or power of enduring or bearing pain, hardships, etc.
2.  the ability or strength to continue or last, esp. despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse    conditions; stamina:   He has amazing physical endurance.
3.  lasting quality; duration: His friendships have little endurance.
#2 is my favorite part of the definition.  I don't like the part about pain and hardship.  Well, I guess there was some initial pain with the surgery itself, but at this point I'm not suffering a hardship.
I've said many times that this is a process.  I am in it for the long haul.  This word makes me think back to when I was in training for my first 5K.  I didn't care how fast I finished the race, I just wanted to finish it!  My goal was to be able to run the entire thing without stopping for a walk break.  In fact, I was endurance training.
So here I am with the  band, doing the work, and not paying much attention to how long it takes me.  This is my life, and I have the rest of it to live, and work on my goals.  There may be bumps in the road along the way, and it's going to take a while, but I will continue the journey because I'm training in endurance.

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Violinist with a Band said...

Great word and great post! Definitely good to treat this as a long-haul endurance jog instead of a short sprint to the finish line as fast as possible. Definitely a change for the rest of our lives, not just until we reach our goal!