Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I'm pretty new at all this stuff so I was a bit surprised when Sam over at "Banded For Me" nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award.  Thank you Sam!  I'm honored.
So here's what she says are the rules of accepting this award...

Thank the person who gave you the award, reveal seven things about yourself, and nominate 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered or love. Then leave a comment on their blog letting them know they've been nominated.

So, seven things about me.  Hmmm.

1. I truly believe that I was born to be a mother.  Even before I met my husband I knew that some day I would become a Mom.  I was ready to consider adoption when the hubby walked into my life.  Now we have 2 awesome kiddos and I couldn't be happier.  All that career woman stuff went right out the window when I laid eyes on those big blue eyes.  I'm hooked.

2.  I'm frugal to the core.  I can sniff out a clearance sign a mile away and I actually get a heart racing high when I hit a great deal.  I start my Christmas shopping in January, picking up stuff all year long when I see it on sale.  I have secret hiding places where I store things until it's time to do inventory and start wrapping!

3. Even before Lap Band surgery I was a healthy eater.  I haven't eaten red meat in almost 20 years.  I swore off fast food and fried foods 7 years ago.  I would never have considered going through a drive through or buying a candy bar in the grocery store check out.  My problem has always been portion control.  Example: I love hummus, and it's healthy.  However, eating the whole tub in one sitting, not so much.

4.  I am a very giving person.  I love making meals for new moms, handing down my kids clothes when they've outgrown them, sending cards and care packages, doing favors for friends, etc.  It's in my nature as much as being born female with brown  hair.  When my kids are both in school full time, I'd like to start volunteering again.  Giving back makes me happy.

5.  I was never a morning person until I had kids.  Now I can't stay up until 10pm. even if you paid me.  I rarely sleep past 6am., even when my kids do.  Mornings are my most productive time of day.

6.  After retirement, the hubby and I plan to sell or give away most of our possessions, buy a small condo in the city, and live a very simple (junk free) life, while we travel the world.  I can't wait!

7.  I'm not into technology.  I don't own an Ipod, Iphone or an Ipad.  I don't text, ever.  I have only basic cable (because I'm cheap!) and we don't have a big fancy TV or Blu Ray player.  I wouldn't know 'high def' if  it smacked me in the face, and we're not wired for surround sound.  Sure, technology is great but much of it I can live without (except my GPS, because I couldn't find my way to the corner store without it!).

Now for 15 bloggers to nominate for this award.  I'm not sure I even follow 15 blogs!  Let's see who we have.

Rach at Urban Wasteland is one I've been following the longest.  Where have you been lately Rach?
Reed at My Trek Downward makes me laugh until I can't breathe!
Shelley at Eggface offers the most awesome recipes.  I love to try her stuff.
Lead Singer and I were banded around the same time so I love to read her as a motivational benchmark for myself.
Sarah over at Simple, Sassy is so honest and a great example of living with the band in the real world.
Violinist with a Band is great at taking favorite recipes and making them healthy.  I love that!
Angela at Lap Band Experience is down more than 90 pounds.  What an inspiration!
I love Former Fat Chick for her candidness and truth.
Kristen at Lap Band Journey is so young and vibrant, and FUN.  Love her pics.

OK, so there are a few more that I follow but this is taking forever and I need to get off this computer.  I hope nobody is offended if I didn't mention them.  I've found so much information on all the blogs I read, as well as motivation and inspiration.  It's been a great learning process.  Thanks everyone, and of course thank you again Sam for nominating me!


Read said...

Great post! Thanks for the nomination and I couldn't help it, I had to give it right back to you!!

Violinist with a Band said...

Omg!! Thank you so much!! I really work hard to try and post foods that are nutritious and relatively easy to prepare. I'm so glad that the posts are helpful and you like them!!!! Thanks so much for all your support - it means tons to me!

TnT said...

WOW! Thank you! I'll get to work over at my place! Thanks again, and I'm now following you! :) Keep up the great work!