Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Weigh In, Strangers, and a Fashion Show For Me!

I think that last fill is doing something right.  I really felt like I was full all day yesterday.  It seems that the 'band rule' of eating several small meals a day is coming into play now.  So, I got on the scale this morning and was pleasantly surprised with a loss of 2.6 pounds!  That means a total loss to date of...


Come on 40!  So close, I can smell it.

A woman who I don't really know came up to me at the gym yesterday and said "OK, so Nancy and I want to know what's your secret!".  I looked at her sort of puzzled, and she said "Well, you're looking so good and we want to know what you're doing".  Wow, perfect strangers are now making comments.  It feels good, but also a little deceiving.  As you know I only told a tiny handful of people about the surgery (and nobody locally).  That means when people ask me what I'm doing, I sort of have to lie. Sure, I give them the whole "working out more, watching what I eat, lots of water, etc...", but I don't tell them the whole story.  I still feel that people who aren't in my inner circle don't need to know.  I just feel a little guilty because I am typically honest to a fault.  I'm the person who will strike up a conversation with someone in the produce aisle at the grocery store and tell them my whole life story!  Just ask my husband.  He says we can't go anywhere without me knowing at least 3 people there.  So, I guess it bothers me a little that I'm not being totally honest.  It doesn't bother me enough to start spreading the word though.  I will live by the words of my sister who says "You work hard at this every day, shouldn't you be the one to get the credit?".  I think I can live with that.

When we first moved here I was still pregnant with baby #2.  I had stumbled on a bunch of awesome clothing sales and couldn't resist buying some things in my pre-pregnancy size.  I was certain I would get right back to where I started and then I'd have all these new clothes waiting for me.  Ha, right!  Those clothes have been taking up space in the guest closet for almost 4 years.  I just went in there this morning and had a mini fashion show by myself.  I am pleased to announce that I have 3 new pair of pants that fit me NOW.  Well, I'm short so they all need to be hemmed, but that's the least of my worries.  I don't need to go shopping, and that feels good!  Who really wants to spend money when you're still in transition?  I know I don't.

So that's all the news worth reporting today.
Until next time, stay warm!


Violinist with a Band said...

I love when people come up to me at the gym and say "Wow! You look amazing", and I, like you, just say "thanks! working hard and logging my food like its my job!" :P People don't think much of it, because that certainly makes sense! Its not a lie - its just not the whole truth ;-) Don't feel bad about anything - its your life and your choice to tell or not tell. Also, I love fashion shows! I had one just this morning in fact. Keep up the wonderful work!

Sam said...

Just think; you just had a shopping spree without spending any money :o) Congrats on the compliments too!!!!!