Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weigh in and 7 more things

Weigh in this week was less than exciting.  Down .2 more which is a grand total of  

Whoopti Do.  Moving on.

Read 're-nominated' me for that Stylish blogger award, the stinker!  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do this or not but I thought it would be fun to go ahead and try to come up with 7 more things about me.  Thanks Read!

1. The hubby and I got engaged while we were in Venice, Italy.  We were on a two week trip trekking around Italy and Germany (totally roughing it).  Even though we had talked about getting married, I was really shocked that he actually had a ring and brought it all the way to Europe with him!

2. I spent nearly 9 years as a Case Manager, working at a non-profit, serving adults with learning disabilities, before I decided to change careers.  I was burnt out and depressed after the 5th year and knew I couldn't do that work for the rest of my life.  I've never missed it or regretted my decision.

3. I am fluent in American Sign Language and am a nationally Certified interpreter.

4. I love to travel and am constantly thinking of where I'd like to go next.  We do a lot less of that now that we have little ones at home though.  Now our adventures are more 'family friendly' and tame.  We know that one day we'll get back to trekking around the planet, and hopefully the kids will want to go along.

5. I have a great appreciation, and thirst for knowledge for other cultures.  I have no patience for racism or ignorance.

6.  I hate to talk politics but believe that everyone should vote!

7.  I have to work today so I need to get my butt off this computer!  Bye for now.

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Violinist with a Band said...

Congrats on your loss! Even though its just .2, its not going up and that is a wonderful thing!!

I love to travel too :) I have serious wander lust. I hope when we have children we'll be able to travel with them. I know my future mother-in-law said that she'd like our future kids to come to Korea for summers (or for some of the summer) so I'm hoping that will be a good excuse to travel with them (plus we can travel to other parts of Asia when we're there) :) I'm getting ahead of myself - I'm not even married yet! haha

Also, so cool that you are fluent in sign language! Neat!