Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weighing in and Moving On

Once again I'm a day late at posting my weekly weigh in.  Partially because I've been busy, and partially because I pretty much have nothing to report.  I managed to lose nothing this week.  It amazes me that I have managed to give up bread, cereal, pasta, and rice and still can go a week without losing an ounce!  How is that even possible?  I did miss the gym twice last week, which probably has something to do with it.  Hubby was out of town, then he was sick so I didn't get to do 2 of my regular classes.  However, even though I didn't go to a class, I still ran/walked on the treadmill at home on those days.  Oh well, I guess I'll stop trying to figure it out and move on.
On a happier note, I just realized that by losing 40 pounds, I've lost 50% of my excess body weight.  According to the 'healthy BMI' calculator and the American Medical Association, I was 80 pounds overweight when I signed up for surgery.  I didn't realize I was half way there until after I posted my 40 pound loss.  I think 50% is definitely something to be proud of, so I'll focus on that!  When I spoke to my doc about his goal for me, he said he'd like to see me lost 60 pounds and he'd be satisfied.  Wow, that's only 20 pounds from here.  I like his math better than the AMA!
So this week I will focus on only having 20 pounds to lose to be at my doctors goal.  I can do this!

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