Monday, February 28, 2011

What Did You Weigh...

In high school?
In college?
On your wedding day?

If you're like me, and most people who struggle with their weight, you can answer all 3 of those questions without thinking too hard about it.  I know how much I weighed during all the important times in my life.  Like the 8th grade physical, high school, college, etc. 

The goal I've had in mind for myself since surgery, although I've kept quiet about it, was to get down to what I weighed on my wedding day.  I remember that number exactly, mostly because I was stuck there at that EXACT number for a long time.  Then I got pregnant, and haven't seen that number since.  Well, I'm here to tell you...
TODAY is that day!  I know very well that tomorrow the number can, and probably will be different.  Doesn't matter.  Today I hit my wedding weight and I am very happy about that.  Since today is not my official weigh in day I'm not going to jinx myself by putting it down here.  I'm just smiling about it, a lot!
I did dig through my daughters closet, which has been housing all my old clothes that I haven't fit into for 6 years.  It was fun, and I have a 'new' wardrobe all over again!
FYI, I won't be digging out the wedding gown just yet.

This is my lowest adult weight ever.  I hit it back then, when I lost a ton of weight doing Weight Watchers and working out, and I've hit it again today.

When I was home over Christmas and I visited with my BFF (who also had weight loss surgery) I said to her "You've seen me looking like this before, but I've never seen you like this before, EVER!".  She and I have always been overweight and/or obese our entire lives.  So, the next time she sees me, I will be at a new all time low and we can both say "I've never seen you this small before!".
It feels great.

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Fluffy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on hitting your wedding weight!

Thanks for commenting and letting me know that you got pissed by what happened as well! I guess that one or two offered my husband some money, but he declined. (And note they didn't just hand him cash and say keep it either!) Anyway, it's over and I survived, but I did appreciate the validation!