Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My 6 Month Stats, Weigh In and an Update

I had a my 6 month post-op follow up with the surgeon today.  It was a little late because he's so popular these days that it's hard to get an appointment with him!
He came in with a huge smile on his face and asked how I was doing.  He looked at me with those dreamy eyes and asked "Do you realize you've lost 12 pounds since you were here just 7 weeks ago?".  No, I hadn't realized that, but it was nice of him to point it out. 

Then he looked over my labs.  He just kept saying "This is amazing, your cholesterol is well within the normal limits, this is great...look at these numbers!".  I told him I'm still having dizzy spells to which he replied "I want you off that cholesterol medication, you don't need it anymore."  I reminded him that I have a significant family history for high cholesterol so he agreed that we would cut my dose in half for 6 months, then most likely go off it completely.  I've been on statins for more than 10 years.  I never imagined I would ever go off them!  WOW.

Just FYI, here are my cholesterol scores.
Total: 167 (lowest score ever)
HDL: 50
LDL: 102
Triglycerides: 72 (lowest score ever)

We discussed the whole issue of me not being able to tolerate much solid protein.  He's not concerned.  We didn't do an un-fill.  He says as long as I'm getting in all my protein and liquids with no problem, and not having reflux or pain, he's of the opinion that we should leave it alone.  I have such a small amount of fill to begin with, and as I continue to lose weight, I will lose restriction (that's what I thought too).  I feel good about that decision.  If I wasn't able to eat any protein at all, that would be a different story.

I didn't with the nurse.  I don't get that about this docs office, I don't see the nurse every time.  Weird.  So this afternoon I went to the drug store in town and took my own blood pressure.  I do this every month or so at the suggestion of my doctor, and I keep the log in my purse. 
Want to know why I've been dizzy?  Holy 97/66 Batman!  I better not bend over to tie my shoes or I might pass out!  I tend to be on the low end of normal, but even that is low for me.  I typically run about 109/70.  I better go lick the salt shaker.

In other news, I completed the 5 day pouch test.  I must admit that cutting out the carbs not only gave a push to the weight loss, it made me feel better.  I was still getting some carbs from things like the 1/2 banana I put in my protein shake the first 2 days.  However I cut out the nonsense carbs.  I can't stick to a zero carb diet but it was a good wake up call that I am a carbaholic and I can take control.

So, with the help of the pouch test I am down a total of ...

Thank you Lap Band.  Thank you very much!
Have a great week everyone, be well.


Sam said...

Congrats on the greatv cholesterol levels, That is one of the best NVS you can ask for :o)

Fluffy said...

Great stats and congrats on the loss! Keep up the good work...I think a new "device" is a great b-day gift! No guilt! I got my Garmin from "Santa". :)