Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Was in Your Snack Today?

Imagine taking a bit of this...

Care for a little rubber gasket with your cheese?  Me neither.  Imagine my horror, as well as my relief that it wasn't one of my kids biting into it!  I've had so many dental problems in the past few years that when I bit into something hard, I thought for sure it was one of my crowns.  Thank God it wasn't.  Hubby called the manufacturer. 

They apologized profusely and will be sending us a check for twice the amount we paid for the package.

They asked numerous times if we'd still be willing to buy their product.  We said yes.  I haven't had another cheese stick since that day though.  I'm sure I will, I just have to get over my mini freak out!


I hope you enjoyed your snack today.


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Debi said...

I know how you feel! I've had 2 bad instances like this!

First one as a kid, I almost bit into a huge Spider inside the Caramel of a Pay Day Candy Bar!

And the second was almost eating parts of a Cockroach inside a can of Dennison's Chili!!! I was positive it was a Cockroach, or at least a Beetle of some sort, as I was able to cut into it, and it was not had guts!!!! Now if I eat Dennison's Chili, I completely go through it, making sure I am only eating Meat and Beans!! LOL But talk about gross out!!