Monday, April 4, 2011

Hanging IN...Holding TIGHT

I've been super busy with my new work schedule and haven't had time for much of anything.  I'm hanging in there with the weight loss, holding steady.  No gain, no loss.  It varies daily by about half a pound, give or take.  I figure I'll take that as long as it's not a gain. 

My motto is "I'm never going back".  If I stay at my current weight for a while, I can deal wtih that.  What I can't deal with is gaining.  That's no longer an option for me.  I didn't go through surgery, recover, and the PAIN of paying my astronomical co-pay, for nothing.  I have to make this work even with the new stresses in my life.  That's just the reality of life, isn't it?

I still don't fully understand this band.  I feel a great deal of restriction on most days.  I still have to be crazy careful about what and how fast I eat.  I get stuck way too easy.  I focus on protein and have cut out almost all junk.  And by junk, I don't mean what most people think of as junk.  I'm talking about the occasional graham cracker or a handful of Veggie Straws (God, I love those!).  I drink water and green tea all day long.  With all that, I can't understand why I'm not actually losing weight.

This brings me back to when I lost a lot of weight before our wedding.  I got to this point, and never lost another ounce.  Currently I'm at my lowest adult weight ever.  I have to wonder if I'll ever get lower than I am right now.  I know it's sort of ridiculous to think that way since I actually had Weight Loss Surgery!  It's just difficult for me to imagine a place that I've never been before.  I'm almost at my high school weight and after that, this is all new territory for me.  I guess I'll just wait and see, and be excited about what's around the corner for me.


Molly Naughton said...

Hang in there...I just had a really frustrating plateau. I stayed the course (just barely) and added some interval training and then today, saw some movement. I too was thinking like you - ok, this my lowest adult weight, maybe I will never lose anymore - alas, I was wrong. And you will be too!

Beth Ann said...

Aren't our bodies weird? I swear they know exactly when to hit a frustrating plateau to make us start doubting and unwittingly sabotage ourselves. But be patient and your body will catch up!!

Fluffy said...

Good motto! Congrats on being at your lowest adult weight, but I know it's temporary, so hang in there!

Molly Naughton said...

I like your motto too - I'm never going back either!!

In response to your note on my blog about whether the gyno asked, we did talk about it because I have noticed that my cycle is shorter and honestly my breasts hurt more frequently and he said that I have a new body and it will take time for everything, including the hormones, to adjust. I have to say that he was the first doctor I have seen since being banded who actually seemed to know about the surgery. Kind of refreshing.