Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Checking In...

I'm still around.  I've just been majorly busy this week.  The in laws have been in town and we took the whole family to one of those indoor water parks to celebrate my baby's 4th birthday.  A little victory for me:  I wore the same bathing suit I wore on my honeymoon more than 6 years ago!  That felt pretty darn good.

Tonight I've got a hot date with the hubby.  We're going to a Bulls game.  I mentioned to him that I'd never been to a game, and he got right on it and ordered the tickets.  It's the one Chicago thing I have not done since living here (I've been to Oprah and to a Cubs game!).  After tonight I think I can officially call myself a Chicago girl.

I'm still holding steady at my pre-wedding/pre-baby weight.  I'm about 1.4 pounds from my High School weight.  When I get there you'll know because I'll be screaming it from my roof top!

Until then, enjoy the rest of your week and be well.

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Beth Ann said...

YAY!!! That some good stuff!