Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Decisions, Every Day

I've been thinking a lot about how we make decisions every day that affect our lives.  Usually little things like putting the fork down even when there's food left on the plate, or taking the stairs at work.  All those little things add up and affect our overall lives.

Here's an example from my life. 
On Tuesday evening we had a big rain storm and lost power for a brief moment.  I had to re-set a bunch of the clocks in the house. Although I did set my bed side clock, I totally forgot to turn on the alarm.  You know I do a weight lifting class at 5:15am. on Wednedays.  Well, I rolled over and looked at the clock and it said 5:03!  Holy Crap.  I flew out of bed, brushed m teeth, grabbed my water bottle and sped to class.  I got there about 2 minutes into the warm up.  The old me would have looked at the clock and said "oh well, looks like I missed it" and went back to sleep.  The new me didn't even consider skipping it.  What a breakthrough that is!  And, it's one of the many decisions I make every day that adds up.  Sure, I make some poor decisions too.  We all do.  But think about all the little things that we do every day that are good and are benefiting us in the long run.

While I'm on the positive kick, here's a "non-scale victory" for me.  One of my gym buddies told me I shold take the new Thursday am. class (ugh, another 5:15am. class!).  She thought I might like it.  I really didn't know anything about the class except that it is cardio (no weights) and supposedly fun.  I got my butt out of bed again today and met her there.  It was awesome!  I can't believe how much I sweat.  I didn't know until we got started that it's kick boxing.  Good Lord, what a killer.  But, it was so much fun and the hour really flew by.  I was thinking that the 'old' me wouldn't have ventured out of my comfort zone and walked into a class without knowing what to expect.  Also, the old me wouldn't have been able to get through the whole class.  That is a victory in my book!

Enjoy the little victories in your life today!


Fluffy said...

Good for you! I like my early morning workouts. Gets them over with (translation - no excuses for me later to not have time to do it!) and man, don't they just make you feel so good that day! Keep it up!

Beth Ann said...

I'm just getting caught up, so pardon the late comment! GO YOU! It is such an amazing step to start making excuses TO exercise instead of ones to AVOID it. I love it!

And your comment that I look fit and you can tell I exercise? Might be my favorite comment of all times. Thank you.