Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's On Your Mind Today?

It's Saturday, which means it's supposed to be weigh in day, but once again I have nothing to report.  I'm exactly where I was last week.  I'm going to skip over how much that really sucks, and just share with you some random things that are on my mind today...

~ You know you live too far from your job when you're only half way there and you lose all your radio stations.

~ Seasonal allergies are causing me to have severe blood shot eyes today, and I look like a pot head.

~ Our web browser (Mozilla) decided to stop working, so I lost all my book marks/favorites.  I think I have found all my favorite blogs and am now officially a "follower" of them so I won't lose them again.  That was no fun.

~ My butt muscles hurt from that Body Combat class I took on Thursday.  I'm thinking that's a good thing because I could always use a little help in the booty department!

~ Molly posted on her blog wondering if anyone else has experienced a shortened cycle since weight loss.  Well, yup, I'm here to tell you I'm down to a 21 day cycle as opposed to the regular 28 and I'm not liking it one bit!  I'm hoping things will level off eventually.  Maybe this is just a normal response to losing a great deal of weight.

~ The kids and I colord a dozen eggs for Easter.  I learned very quickly that Phil (the band) is not fond of hard boiled eggs.  He completely rejected egg salad, and protested a great deal about the chopped egg on top of salad.  Now what the heck am I going to do with the other 10 eggs I have left?  Damn you Phil!

~ I think my grey hairs multiply while I sleep.  Another reminder that my 40th birthday is fast approaching and I will have to start coloring my hair very soon.  Can you believe I've avoided it this long?

~  I'm hosting Easter brunch tomorrow at our home.  We have no family in the area so we've invited other folks who are also not from here.  It's like the Island of Misfit Toys!  My Mom started the tradition many years ago, and so it continues.

I wish you all a very happy Easter.


Drazil said...

I hear you on the allergies and the gray hairs - dammit! Thanks for becoming an official follower - I appreciate it!

Jody V said...

I found your blog through Fluffy. You are so funny!! I share a lot of theto same opinions!!

I hope your Easter is great! I also live on the Island of Misfit Toys! Stop over and check it out!!

Jody from New Jersey

Debi said...

I too found your blog through Fluffy! And reading your profile, I saw that you were Banded on my Birthday last year!! So I just knew that I had to start Following you!!


Beth Ann said...

Allergies stink!! I love eggs. ALL kinds of eggs.