Tuesday, May 17, 2011

9 Month Bandiversary and Update

Today  marks 9 months since being banded.  I know we all say it but it really did go by so fast!

I didn't do a weekly weigh in on Saturday because I had nothing to report.  I'm exactly the same.  I have learned that this is how my body works.  I lose a little, maintain, then lose a little again.  Maybe next week will be my losing week.  So, in case you lost track, I'm down a total of...


More than I would have ever lost on my own or through Weight Watchers, but still not enough as far as I'm concerned.  There are two things holding me back, and I know it.  
First, I don't journal.  When I do, I get through half the day and then stop writing stuff down.  I just hate it and I don't know why!  I keep it simple too, just recording calories and protein.  That's it, so why is it so hard!

The other thing I really need to work on is a schedule.  I know I do better when I have a daily routine, having an idea of what and when I will eat throughout the day.  Just winging it is not a great idea for me.  I think I've been off my schedule since hubby has been off from work.  It's totally not his fault, it's just that with him home my routine is off.  Sometime I get to the end of the day and can't remember what I've eaten (why I need to journal more!), and realize that I've just picked and snacked all day, and haven't sit down for a meal.  Old habits die hard.

So, my goals for this week are to journal more.  I'm not committing to doing it every day (because I know me) but 4 days would be nice!

And I'm going to try my best to stick to eating 5 times a day.  
mid am. snack
mid pm. snack

This worked so well for me in the beginning, so I'm going back to what works.  It also keeps my blood sugar even, and keeps me from wanting to mindlessly snack at odd times.

This brings me to another point I've been wanting to write about for a while.  It drives me nuts when doctors say we "should be eating 4-6 small meals a day".  The word meals is the wrong choice here and this is where people get into trouble.  Most people think of a meal as something larger than a snack.  More like having a couple different things on a plate.  What do you think a person who has spent most of their life as obese thinks when they hear the word meal?
I think a better way to put it would be to say "you should be eating 4-6 times a day".  I know my mid-morning snack of a yogurt or a cheese stick is not what I think when I hear the word meal.  It's a snack.  Just something to ponder...one of those things that irks me.

So, in  keeping with tradition, here's my day 1 picture compared to today.  Nine months of hard work and perseverance.  A work in progress!

Who doesn't love a little spandex!?


Jody V said...

Congratulations on your great progress! Keep up the good work!!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

FABulous pics! Wow. And I agree- schedule and journalling are key but sometimes I'm just too busy or lazy to make it a priority. I have to work on that too!

Something About Kellie said...

Looking fantastic!! I myself know I could do better if I journal and plan more exercise. Its one of those things we know we should do ... but don't :( Keep up the great work though :)

Lap Band Gal said...

AMAZING progress! :)

Beth Ann said...