Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Brain Thinks I'm a Runner...

My body thinks I'm crazy!

Two years ago I decided to take up running.  I was doing it for the sole purpose of running the Chicago Lung Run-5K, because my Mom was dying of lung cancer at the time.  She knew I was training for the race and told me I was nuts to start running at my age!  She didn't live to see me run the race but I did it for her.  I figured as soon as it was done, I would have accomplished my goal and I would NEVER run another race again.  Well, there's a strange thing that happens when you start running.  There's that thing called a 'runners high', and it's real.  Besides that, I felt a sense of accomplishment from finishing the race (not just walking it!) and I signed up for another one right away.  I shaved 2 1/2 minutes off my time at that second race.  Ahhh, more good feeling...see what I mean?

I haven't run since last year because I'm totally a fair weather girl.  I refuse to be cold and uncomfortable.  That means I don't run outside in winter, or when it's otherwise unpleasant out.
This year we haven't had much of a spring yet so I haven't ventured out.
Today I was determined to get my butt out there and hit some pavement and start training. 

You see, in my heart I swear I'm a runner.  I want to be a runner, I like the 'idea' of being a runner.

So I got my butt out of bed at 5:45 today to head out for my first 2 mile run of the year.  I figured "hey, the last time I did this I was a lot bigger, so this is going to be easy".  Ha!  Not so much.  My lungs were screaming "what the hell do you think you're doing to me you nut case.  It's cold out here and we want to be back in bed!".  I didn't count on it being only 35 degrees out this morning. Holy frickin' hell my lungs were on fire.  I wouldn't back down though, and did the whole 2 miles.  I had to walk half of it, alternating between walking and running, but I still managed a 13 minute mile.
I guess it actually is easier now that I've lost weight because in all honesty, it used to take me 13 minutes to run a mile.  Now I do that mile in 13 minutes while walking half of it.  I'm thinking when it's not so darn cold out, my time is going to be much better.  We will see, that is if spring ever arrives!

So, if my lungs ever forgive me and recover enough from this brutal morning, I'll be back at it.  I'm hoping to do the lung run again this year to celebrate my 40th birthday.

Yup, I'm definitely a nut case!


Something About Kellie said...

OMG I am still at the stage where I can't even imagine myself running!

Well done :)

Beth Ann said...

Thanks is so AWESOME!! I started off good with my running, but I have stopped. Trying to start up again is really hard, but inspiring stories like yours make me want to do it!

Tracy said...

Ya...ok....I am "thinking" about "trying" to be a runner. I reasearched couch to 5K this week but have yet to start it. I HATE to run. Of course that was 40 pounds ago and bigger boobs ago. I just am not comfortable. I have never really given it 100% commitment though. I swear I am going to try....thanks for the encouraging post!