Thursday, May 12, 2011

No More Farmers Tan!

I've made a decision.  This is the year that I will NOT have a farmers tan.  You know, when the top half of your arms are as white as the driven snow, and the bottom half has a nice tan.  No more, I say!
I've been working out A LOT.  And although I do still have some bat wing issues, I've decided I don't care.  I am going to start showing off the 'guns'.

If I end up with a farmers tan this summer, it will be by pure accident.  Like if I get caught out in the sun with a t-shirt on and can't help it.  Otherwise, I'm wearing tanks.  I'll be out working in the yard and playing with my kids in a tank top ALL SUMMER.
If my neighbors don't like my old lady bat wings, they can look some where else.
I'm almost 40 years old and for the first time in my life I will be bearing my arms.

Oh, and, just to let you know, you might want to get out your sunglasses today because I'm also wearing shorts!  The pasty whites are out for the whole world to see, and I don't care!

Have a great day everyone.


Camille said...

Like I always say, brown fat looks better than white fat, so tan away!!

Sarah G said...

Me too! I was just telling my husband that I'd rather have loose skin than high blood pressure or diabetes. Bat wings are a badge of honor!

Beth Ann said...

Go you!! I have been tanning this year which I don't usually do. I have been going for 6 weeks or so and I'm no normal color...not ghostly anymore. I have been wearing shorts & skirts like crazy. But I STILL have a farmers tan. Not sure how that works. :)

Enjoy your tanks!!

Fluffy said...

Hey, I'd take a farmer's tan! I can't tan at all. Pretty much sucks. So, I am extremely jealous! And while your arms and legs are white now, they won't be with a bit of sun AND look how nice and trim they are!!!!

I am cracking up - and I'm a dork - but the word verification, the word was: FORKERS!!!!! HA

Read said...

You go girl!!!