Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Thorn in My Side

A couple weeks ago I started having a slight 'stitch' in my left side.  It really felt like that little catch you get when you go for a run ...know what I mean?

I kept saying "Please, don't let it be the band, I can't lose this band".  Well, I'm pretty convinced it's not the band.  The cramp has turned into a pain, an occasional stabbing.  It feels like there's a shard of glass stuck in there and if I bend a certain way, I get poked.  If I had had open surgery I'd swear the doc left his blade in there!

It's not my appendix, it's on the wrong side for that.

Hubby and I were pretty sure I pulled or tore something, like an ab muscle, while doing my crazy exercise classes.  However, I've taken yesterday and today off from exercise, and there's no change in how I feel.  As I sit here typing this, there's no discomfort at all.  But if I bend over to pull a weed or put any pressure on the area, ouch!

So, I've decided to go to my surgeon next week.  He's in the office near my house on Wednesday so I'm hoping to get in then.  I guess I could go to my general doc but he'd probably send me to the surgeon anyway. I feel my surgeon knows me better, and is more likely to listen carefully and get to the bottom of this (ie., not saying take Advil and come back in 2 weeks if it's not better).

So, what could it be?  Here's the list I have running around in my head...

~ An adhesion from the surgery?
~ Incisional hernia?  (I don't feel a protrusion)
~ Intestinal problem/blockage/inflammation?
~ Female problems?

Any thoughts?  Anyone have this happen?
I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Sarah G said...

I sure hope it's not your band!

Molly Naughton said...

I had this exact thing!!! I felt like it was just under my last rib on my left side. About 2 months ago. I asked the surgeon and he said the only thing he could feel there was my lymph nodes and they felt fine. That it had nothing to do with the band. It eventually went away but not until my sister and I had concluded that I had some rare disease. I think it had something to do with exercise - or coughing (I was sick then) - but it did go away. Our bodies are in a massive state of flux.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Hmmm - interesting. I hope you figure out what it is soon. Keep us posted. Well wish vibes coming your way. xoxo

Heather said...

My port has become uncomfortable a couple of times in that spot when I exercised a lot. It would feel like a "stitch" or pulling. It always went away after a couple of days though.

Jody V said...

I'm thinking a pulled muscle. A co worker had the same pain and that's what it turned out to be. I think if it was your band you be puking your brains out. When bands go a wry you usually know it. You're very active. Please let us know. I hope I win this one!!

Read said...

hmmm, no idea, but I hope you'll keep us posted. I'm sending healing vibes your way!!