Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sometimes Life Gives You Lemons...

A recent turn of events has caused us to cancel our annual trip back home to visit with our family and friends.  I'm trying not to pout.  These things happen, and I figure it could always be worse.

In keeping with tradition, I'm trying to remain my happy 'susie sunshine' self and think on the bright side.  Since we had planned on being out of town for a week, I'm not scheduled to work.  I plan on making the most of my week off.  I'll be hitting the gym harder than ever.  I can go to all my favorite classes without interruption.  Maybe I'll even be able to break this darn plateau I've been sitting on for weeks.
I'm also planning a week of fun for the kiddos.  We'll be having our own mini vacation.

I'm taking those lemons life handed us and smashing the heck out of them.  This will be some good lemonade!

Now that I've been all positive, let me pout for a moment.  I'm allowed every once in a while, right? 
Today is my daughter's very last day of preschool.  This is a big deal, and we're so proud of her.  We worked hard to get her into this special preschool program to address some anxiety issues she was having.  She has grown so much, we can't believe the change in her in such a short amount of time.  Well, can you guess where I am on this special day?  Yeah, Mom of the Year is at work.  I can't tell you how much that bothers me.  Remember I've said before I'm not one of those people who enjoys being a working Mom.  I have too much guilt about being gone.  So, yesterday I got her ready, all dressed up, and took her picture a bunch of times.  I guess I figured if I couldn't be there to see her off on her last day of school, I could make the most out of the second to last day!  See, making more lemonade.

As a side note, hubby has several interviews lined up for the coming week.  He's working very hard at findinga job.  Everybody cross your fingers and wish him luck!

That's really all I have for you today. Sorry nothing band or weight loss related.  I promise more fun and interesting stuff for the week to come.
Have a fun day, and try to stay cool!


Beth Ann said...

I love that you make lots of lemonade...but you are more than allowed to be sad. Especially about the last day of preschool!! Hugs!

Fingers crossed for your husband's job search!!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I will cross my fingers and toes...sorry about the lemons....xoxo

Sam said...

Enjoy your week off and wishing you hubby the best of luck in his interviews :o)

Jody V said...

Good vibes for Hubby! I'm sure he'll do great! You can ABSOLUTELY do your own pedicure! I do it all the time myself. There are so many creams out there that take the callouses off your heels. Just don't over do that. It will cause more cracks. With your weight loss you can do your toes now! No bending over issues! More lemonade!!