Monday, July 18, 2011

11 Months And Counting

Yesterday marked my 11 month "Bandiversary".  Man, this year is flying by!
My one year check-up with the surgeon is just a couple weeks away and I'm really excited. Who gets excited about going to the doctor?  I do!
I like going, not just because the doc and his staff are all awesome and very encouraging, but also because I'm ALMOST at that 60 pound mark that he wanted to see.  He told me he would be happy if I could lose 60 pounds, which would take me out of the danger zone for co-morbid conditions.  So, even though I will still be considered 'over weight', 60 pounds is the goal I'm shooting for.  Anything after that is a great big bonus in my book, and the numbers won't matter so much for me (I hope).

At 11 months I'm down approximately 57 pounds (I'm bouncing between 56.5 and 57...Saturday is my official weigh in day).
I've had a lot of Non-scale victories along the way.  Too many to list here.  So today I'll just focus on the fact that I no longer have to wear a knee brace when I run.  In the past I would try to run and could feel my knee cap popping and cracking (um, warning sign, ya' think?!). Now, I run with no noises or pains.  I think that's a huge victory.  Well, that and the fact that I can actually run!

And, of course in keeping with tradition, I provide before and during pics for comparison purposes.  Sheesh, any time I feel like I'm not successful, all I need to do is look at this before shot and all is right with the world.

August 18, 2010

July 18, 2011
I could have sworn I was standing up straight here.  God, I have horrible posture.  At least it's not my grossly large belly pulling me down any more though!
I had to wear the tank to show you all the hard work I'm doing on getting rid of the 'farmer's tan'.  It's coming along.

And now, since I've been up and on the go for 17 1/2 hours today, and can no longer see straight, I'm going to bed.  I hope you all have a wonderful night, and keep cool. Here in Illinois it's hotter than Hades on Hitlers birthday out there!


Caron said...

Good job. The pictures are impressive. :)

Justawallflower said...

You are TINY! congrats to you!

Beth Ann said...

Wow. Wow! WOW!! You SHOULD be proud! And I love that you don't have to wear a knee brace when you run. If I run longer than 10 minutes, I still have to wear one. Go you!!

Ronnie said...

You look great, what a difference! I wonder if my weight loss is as drastic... hmm. =P

chloes_countdown said...

hey - where did your ass go? it looks like its missing. amazing!

Something About Kellie said...

Amazing effort!

Dawnya said...

You are looking absolutely amazing. Your surgeon is going to be proud. I know I am.

Sam said...

You are looking fabulous :o)