Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anybody Want To Try This With Me?

I was on Lap Band Talk the other day and there was a big discussion going on about how much bandsters are supposed to eat at each meal.  One girl says her surgeon insists that his patients only eat 3 bites, yes you read that right, that's BITES, of food at each meal (three times a day).  This poor girl is starving all day trying to follow her doctors guidelines by eating a whopping 9 bites of food all day.  And of course, no snacking!  She has repeatedly asked for clarification on this as she's been told by other lap band patients that she must have misunderstood.  Nope, he's adamant about that 3 bite rule.

Now, I'm sure anyone who is reading this knows how ridiculous that is.  However, there's still a big debate about what docs prescribe as the optimal meal size.

I decided to email one of the dietitians at my surgeons office and ask for clarification.
I had been taught, and promptly forgot, the basic portion size/measurement we should follow at meal time, so I'm glad I asked.

Here's the run down...

Meals: (eat protein first, save carb for last and don't eat it if satisfied)
1-2 oz. protein
1/4-1/2 C Veg. or Fruit
1/4-1/2 C complex carb

1 oz. protein
1/4-1/2 C. Fruit OR Veg OR Complex carb.

Here I am 11 months out and I don't think I've ever really kept track like that.  What the heck have I been doing? I can tell you that I do eat protein first, but I've probably been eating more like 3-4 oz. at a time, and totally skipping the vegetable and complex carb.  Honestly, I'm not even sure what the heck a complex carb is! I have to google that ASAP.  We generally don't eat any rice, pasta, potatoes at night in our house anyway (even pre-band).  I've been pretty tight since my last fill, which was many moons ago, so I usually just eat  whatever protein I can get in and call it a day.  I know that's not exactly the healthiest way to eat but if it helps, I take my vitamins faithfully!

So I decided to take my plate into my own hands, so to speak, and measure my food. What a concept. Here's my plate from lunch today...

This is a salad plate
That's 2 ounces of lean turkey breast, 1/2 C of tomatoes, and a few tortilla chips (I wasn't sure how to measure those).  I'm pretty sure I would normally have more turkey and skip the chips, but I'm trying to follow the guidelines here.

For some perspective, here's my plate compared to the plate of my 5 year old...

I added a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese to my tomatoes
I should also mention that about 20 minutes before we sat down to eat, she had a cheese stick and an apple sauce.
She ate every bite and asked for more grapes.  I had 2 chips left over.
I must say I was skeptical at first but I was totally satisfied (and not stuffed) after eating this. I wasn't tempted to go rummaging around the pantry for something to snack on.

I just did a huge grocery shopping today, and I'm off from work the rest of the week, so there's no excuse for me not to do this.  I'm going to measure and weigh my portions to get an idea of how I feel at the end of each meal, as well as how long I stay satisfied.  I'm going to the surgeon in a few weeks for my one year check up and honestly, if he asked me today how much I eat at each sitting, I'd have no idea.  I need to take some control back and be fully aware of not just what, but how much I'm putting into my pouch. Otherwise, how will he or I know if my restriction level is appropriate for me?

So, are you with me?  Anybody want to try following these guidelines?  I'd love to hear from anyone who decides to try it.

Go forth, and measure!


o.c. bandster said...

this is a really helpful post. i am newly banded and haven't yet had a fill. i am not exactly sure how much i am supposed to be eating (better go check the binder the dr. gave me) at the stage and this info helps.

Jody V said...

Count me in! I'm supposed to be doing for Weight Watchers anyway and I stopped. I need to get cracking for my niece too!!


Samantha said...

eesh. I thought I was doing good. I didn't quite finish my 7oz steak the other night >.< Time to rethink my eating. again. :)

Beth Ann said...

I will be very interested to hear how it goes!!