Saturday, July 9, 2011

Drive Thru Danger!

At the last support meeting I went to, the nutritionist talked to us about the dangers of slipping back into bad habits.  I remember her specifically mentioning going through the fast food drive thru, and how it's not a good idea even if you're just buying a bottle of water or cup of coffee.

Even when I was at my heaviest, fast food wasn't really my thing.  Believe me, I ate my share of junk but it was usually in the form of junk bought at the grocery store, not a fast food joint.  I guess that's why I really didn't understand the harm in going thru McD's for a bottle of water or coffee.  What's the harm?

Well, let me tell you that today, I understand.  I had to leave the house at an un-Godly hour to get to work this morning.  I didn't want to brew coffee at home because my machine beeps loud when it's done.  I didn't want to wake the kids.  I figured I'd just hit the McD's on my way.  They do have .99 coffee ya' know!  I'm such an amateur at this I didn't even know that you pay at one window, and pick up at the next.  I looked at the guy expecting him to give me my coffee and he had to tell me to move to the next window!  Obviously, lack of drive thru experience on my part.

Anyway, I pulled up to the next window and when it opened, I was instantly overwhelmed by smells, the most amazingly good and horribly bad for you smells.  These smells enveloped my head and penetrated my whole car.  Instantly my brain said "Oh Mother of GOD...what is that?  Mmmmmmm, That smells like something I'd like to have".  Then my brain said "QUICK, get the hell out of here before it overpowers you!  Run.  Run!".  I got out of there with my coffee, and my dignity intact.

If those smells had that much of an impression on me, imagine if I had been a fast food junkie in my former life.  I wonder how hard it would have been to just drive away.

So, I now understand why the drive thru is a dangerous game to play, and why the nutritionist said to stay away.

Be afraid people, be very afraid!

I hope you're all having a fantastic and healthy weekend.


Ronnie said...

I was/am a fast food junkie. I really have to watch myself - you're lucky you never really got into it!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Yeah, you're lucky the drive thru calls to me from afar!