Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update on the Complex Carb Question...

I just heard back from the dietitian about the complex carbohydrate question.

Apparently I HAVE been getting in my complex carbs after all.  She tells me that fruit, yogurt and even beans are in that category.  I haven't been able to eat bread for a long time now, and I've sworn off rice completely.  But I do eat beans several times a week, and even get in a few grapes here and there.

Also in good news, I don't have to feel guilty for stealing a few of my kids crackers anymore. They're allowed!  In moderation of course.

I really need to look at the binder I got from my pre-op classes and get back to basics. Sometimes the simplest thing can make a big difference.


Ronnie said...

I don't even really know the difference between a simple carb and a complex carb. Sigh.

Jody V said...

Great post! Thanks!