Monday, August 8, 2011


I just have to rant for a moment, indulge me...

Hubby is starting a new job this week.  Health insurance for said job won't start until October 1.  We decided to go ahead and buy a one month policy on our own to bridge the gap until the company benefits kick in.  We chose Humana since all our current docs accept that insurance.  One of their reps called to ask us a bunch of questions to make sure we're eligible and give us a rate.

Here's a bit of our conversation...

H:  I see you were on a medication last August prescribed by Dr. H.  Could you tell me what that was for?
Me:  Yeah, that's a pain killer given to me after my surgery
H: What surgery did you have?
Me: Bariatric surgery
H: Do you mean weight loss surgery?
Me: Yes.
H: Did you have Gastric Bypass?
Me: No, I had Gastric Banding.
H:  You have a Lap Band?
Me:  Yes.
H: Oh, we are unable to offer you coverage.
Me: What?
H:  We are unable to offer you coverage at this time.
Me:  Because I had weight loss surgery?
H: Yes, that's right.
Me:  So you mean if I was still morbidly obese and did nothing about it, you'd offer me coverage, but because I did something about it, you can't cover me?
H: Well, if you were in the normal weight range we would offer you coverage.
Me: Well, I wasn't in the normal weight range or I wouldn't have had to have surgery for it!  I am NOW in the normal weight range and you won't cover me?!
H: I can't offer you coverage at this time (I kept getting the same canned answer)

She wouldn't talk to me any more or give any more explanation after that.  She did however give my hubby a little more info. (I guess he's nicer than I am!).  She told him that the risk of relapse after weight loss surgery is too high for them to accept.

I've heard of discrimination against obese people, but seriously, discrimination against someone who actually got healthier and lost almost 60 pounds!
Can you tell I'm a little angry about this?  Not only that, but it's actually on my record that I was denied health care coverage, which truly pisses me off.
Humana is not so nice, and I am not happy!  Grrrr.
Hope you're all having a great day.


Dawnya said...

That is insane. You would think that being healthier would make you a better candidate for health insurance. What does your relasping have to do with anything...especially if their insurance covers weight loss surgery.

So frustrating.

Justawallflower said...

i have actually heard that it is extremely hard to get coverage after surgery. Sorry the idiots are idiots! You should have asked them if they cover wls. Wouldn't that be great for them to cover wls, but not accept any new people that have previously had it?!

Ronnie said...

Ugh, relapse after any diet is hard, this is a lifestyle change. Screw Humana.

Beth Ann said...

I'm so frustrated with this post, I can't even respond intelligently. That bites. It is stupid and completely representative of how we are taking the wrong approach to healthcare. I'm so sorry. I hate insurance companies.

Robin said...

It's not just Humana.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...


Dammit - I"m so sorry.

Dani said...

Thank goodness I am In Australia-Even though you guys have great shopping!Stupid rules,can't believe the hoops you have to go through over there with healthcare!

Andrea said...

OMG...what is wrong with these people?!?! They should give you a discount!