Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fitness Test and Profile

Call me crazy but I'm going to bite the bullet and have one of the trainers at my gym do a fitness profile on me tomorrow.  It's something that is included in our (enormously expensive) membership dues.  We can have the whole run down, including blood work, once a year.  I had the blood work done last year and totally chickened out and canceled the appointment with the trainer for the fitness stuff.  Who wants to hear them say "you're overweight and out of shape..."?  Not me.

Anyone remember having your body fat measured by the gym teacher in 9th grade?  I do and it was humiliating. I remember her telling me my body fat was 40%!  Seriously, how can that be?  Isn't the human body more than half water?  Then how the heck can I be 40% body FAT?!  I must not have any bones to speak of.
I'll never forget that moment, yet I'm heading in there tomorrow to have it done all over again (25 years later). I have made fitness a big part of my life and I'm hoping that shows during the test.  We shall see.

I'll be sure to check in with you all tomorrow to let you know how it goes, that is if I'm able to walk out of there, and use my arms enough to type.

Wish me luck!

I've been told I should not work out the morning of the test, that the work out I get with the trainer will be grueling and I don't want to be too tired out.  No problemo, no alarm for me tomorrow!


Jody V said...

Good for you!! They may kick your ass but you'll now be able to take it and finish! That is a HUGE fitness goal accomplished!

Ronnie said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure you'll see a big difference from 25 years ago. :)

Dani said...

Wow,good for you,What a positive thing to do,and great to know how hard you have worked over the years:)