Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Phil!

Today my band, who I fondly named "Phil" is celebrating his first birthday!

Happy Birthday Phil, and thank you for cooperating, being a good boy, and staying put!  I spent a lot of this first year worrying about complications.  I think I'm a little more relaxed about that now, just a little.

I had my one year post-op check with the surgeon today.  I had been hoping to get to that elusive 60 pound mark by this appointment and (according to my scale) hadn't gotten quite there.  I was bout 1.4 pounds shy.  HOWEVER, my surgeon says I've lost 62 pounds since my first consult with him.  Have I mentioned I love that man?

He comes in all smiles, welcoming and congratulating me.  He goes on about how I've had a year of weight loss, and done well, now I'll be entering the maintenance phase, etc.  Then he opens my file and says "Oh, I owe you a huge apology, I made a mistake!".  Apparently he forgot I was a band patient and was giving me the speech meant for bypass or sleeve folks.  He says "You've done so well and lost so much weight I had myself convinced you were gastric bypass".

We talked about goals.  He says I'm where he wanted to see me, as far as a 'healthy' weight.  If I choose to lose more, that's fine, but he's satisfied that I'm out of the danger zone.  He explained that if weight loss patients can keep the weight off between years one and two, they are more likely to keep it off for good.  However, beware of the creeping pound here and there...they add up.  Been there, done that!  At this point he encourages me to weigh myself several times a week to keep on track and prevent the dreaded gain.

They gave me my 'before picture' and I must say I was mortified.  How on earth did I walk around looking like that and not know how bad I looked?  And to think I was exercising a lot even back then, and still looked like a big hot mess!  I need to laminate that thing and post it on my fridge as a permanent reminder.  Scary.

After my appointment my MIL and I went and did some shopping.  OK, we did A LOT of shopping!  I realized I had absolutely no clothes for the fall and before you know it the weather will be changing.  It was good to have her there helping me because she gave me her honest opinion and helped me realize what size I'm NOT.  It's crazy how the brain works.  I still see the fatty in the mirror.  I tried on some size 12 pants.  They were a tiny bit loose in the waist but I was going to buy them anyway.  She went and grabbed me the 10 and made me try them on.  Yup, they fit.  How can that be?!  I've never been a 10 in my life (well, maybe in elementary school!).

The appointment with the surgeon and the retail therapy gave me a boost in the right direction.  I felt like I got a "tune up" which made me feel better about myself.  I need to get out of my own way and stop feeling like the forever fat girl.  When a doctor tells you "You're at a good weight", that's got to be a good thing, right?  I mean, he went to medical school and happens to be an expert in the field of weight loss.  I'm just an expert in dieting, and weight gain!

So, in keeping with tradition, here are the picture comparisons.  I had to take today's myself as hubby is out of town.  Sorry for the size discrepancy of the shots.  Here goes!


How's that for a comparison shot?

I think I need to look at that day one picture EVERY DAY to remind me of how far I've come, and that I never want to go back.

I hope you're all having a great week.  Be well!


Jody V said...

Happy Birthday Phil and congrats on your weight loss success!! Size 10....that's sweet!!!


chloes_countdown said...

happy bandiversary!!!!
you look amazing :)

Beth Ann said...

That seems like a picture of a completely different person. You have worked hard and had tremendous success. You are an absolute inspiration!

Sarah G said...

Happy Birthday Phil! Happy Bandiversary to you!

Congratulations on your continued success!!

Ronnie said...

Happy birthday, Phil! You've done great, be proud! :)

o.c. bandster said...

you look great!!! thanks for being a role model!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to Phil! Haha! You look great!

Dani said...

Happy Birthday to Phil(and you of course)You are looking very trim!!!

Kristen said...

Happy Bandiversary!! 60 pounds in so awesome in one year! Congrats!!