Monday, August 15, 2011

Now THAT'S what I was Looking For

I met with the trainer this morning for 'part 2' of that fitness profile I was supposed to get last week.  The trainer was late (sigh) so I did a few laps around the track and did some stretches while I waited.

Once she arrived and we got started it was a great work out, lots of tips for problem areas, and she wrote everything down for me so I can go back and do it myself about once a week.  I consider myself pretty darn fit and work out 6 times a week, but when I left there this morning my legs were shaking.
That's a success in my book!

I still didn't get any of my numbers as far as body fat % because their machine is out for repair.  She assures me she will call me when it's ready and give me the news.  Do I really want to know?!  Ugh.

Tomorrow is my last week day shift at work since hubby is back in the world of the employed.  I'll be back to strictly weekends from now on, which makes me a very happy girl.  I've decided I like being a mom a whole lot better than I like working.

Speaking of mommyhood, my first born lost her first baby tooth today!  There's a lot of excitement going on here and she looks so darn cute with that little hole where a tooth used to be.  Let's hope the tooth fairy remembers to deliver tonight!

Have a great night everyone...until next time, be well.


Jody V said...

LOL! I remember those days of lost teeth. Great times. Good for you going back to weekends! I wish I could!

Ronnie said...

Congrats to the big girl losing her first tooth! And so glad to hear you got a good session in. :)

Beth Ann said...

You need to come here so you can CrossFit with me!! :) You would LOVE it!