Thursday, September 22, 2011

2 Days to Disney!

We're taking the kiddos to Disney this weekend.  We'll be gone for 6 whole days, in 90 degree heat.  Can I get an Amen!

Hubby has been working out of state all week which has left me with all the packing and planning to myself.  I'm a little teeny bit freaked about that.  I'm probably forgetting something majorly important, but hey, it'll be hot and sunny so maybe I won't care.

Since hubby has been gone all week I also have to go out there in this 60 degree cold and cut the grass.  This is HIS job, but I will do it, and not be at all happy about it.  I might even pout a little.
However, I will get lots of steps on my pedometer while doing it, so I guess that's a plus for me.

My 4 year old has a pretty yucky case of 'crud'.  Sore throat, cough, scratchy little voice.  Why is this happening when we're on our way to Disney?!

I'm up 1 pound since my recent un-fill and I can't even lie and say "I have no idea why".  I haven't journaled my food once this whole week.  What the hell is wrong with me?  I know what works, and then I don't do it.  I'm a rebellious teenager in a 40 year old body I tell ya'!  Now I'm flying off to the Magical world of Excess.  Great.  My scale will laugh at me when we get home.

The day after I get back from Disney I'm hopping on a train and heading into Chicago to meet up with some of you lovely "BOOBS".  I'll most likely be exhausted and looking like I've been dragged behind a bus, but I'm coming darn it!

Well, I better get my butt out there and cut that grass.

You guys have a great weekend and week.  See you when I get back!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Did It and Turning 40 Feels Great!

The name of my blog is "Fit By 40" because when I started this journey, my goal was to become 'fit' by the time I turned 40. I must say after this weekend I do believe I have accomplished that goal.

As many of you already know, yesterday was my birthday and to mark the milestone, I decided to run in the Chicago Lung Run 5K.  I know so many people struggle with turning 40 and go through some sort of depression as the date approaches.  For me it's been exactly the opposite!  I loved that the race fell on my actual birthday this year and thought there would be no better way to celebrate.  I'm embracing turning 40, and being the healthiest I've ever been in my life AND celebrating the fact that I can actually run in a real race, with real runners!

Hubby, kids and I all headed downtown and met up with my sister and brother in law, who flew in from NY state just for me!  It was so great to have all my biggest supporters by my side.  We had a fantastic weekend and did lots of fun stuff, but I'll focus this post on the race.
I should mention that 2 years ago when I did this race the first time, it took me 45 minutes to complete.  This year, and 65 pounds lighter, it took me just 37 minutes!  That's an 8 minute difference and I call that a non-scale victory!  I was keeping up with lots of people, passing lots of people, and there were tons of people who finished after me which is so bizarre to me.  This is the new me, the runner!

Ironically enough the hubby and my sister took several pictures of the back of me, which are great for my 'anonymous' blog.  Here are a few...

Signing the memory board for my Mom

One last good luck kiss from my kiddo
Crossing the finish line with my girls
The girls told me they would wait for me near the finish line and that we would cross together.  I loved the idea and was proud to cross the line with them.  They've been my cheer leaders all along.
The time on the clock that you see there is for the 10K runners.  The 5K time clock was on the left and didn't get in the picture so you'll have to take my word for it that I finished in 37 minutes!

And for a full body shot of me pre-race...

I ran with a birthday banner!
So, I made it and it feels great.  I kept telling hubby "This is the best birthday EVER" and I mean it.  I'm right where I want to be in life and most importantly, I'm healthy.  I honestly couldn't say that when I was 30.

Phew, it's good to be back home and I am absolutely exhausted from the crazy weekend.  It's early to bed for me tonight.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.

Until next time, be well.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mid-Week Catch Up

Time for a mid-week catch up...

Last weekend one of my dear friends and my hubby threw me a surprise birthday party.  It was so cool.  It was us, three other couples, and all our kids.  We had a blast!  In honor of my (impending) 40th birthday, I even had cake.  Oh good God, that darn Co$tco cake that so many of you have blogged about.  I do believe the recipe came straight from the devil himself!  Ohhhh, it was so good I even had a second piece.  Actually I cut the pieces so small that two together were about the size of one normal piece, but still.  I don't care, it was DeeeLish!
Hubby thought an updated picture would be a good idea to mark the occasion.

I finished my last big surge of hours at work and can now go back to being full time Mommy.  That makes me happy.  It makes my kids happy too,

This weekend (my actual birthday) is the Chicago Lung Run.  My Mom died 2 years ago from lung cancer so this is a cause close to my heart.  My sister and brother in law are flying in so we'll get to hang out in the city for a couple of days.  I'm pretty sure I'm at least a little bit crazy for even wanting to do the race but hey, the name of my blog is "fit by 40", and running a 5K would sure prove that to be true, right?!  I did my last training run this morning and I clocked 3 miles at 37 minutes.  Not too bad since back when I did this race the first time it took me 45 minutes.  Less fat=shorter running time.  Go figure.  I promise to post some comparison shots from last time and this one.  I plan on blowing that fat chick right out of the water!

I'm completely exhausted from being the 'single mom' during the week while hubby is away at work.  I need to take my sore, tired back to bed and call it a night.
Have a great night everyone.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A New Milestone and Holding Steady

Number_65 : Number sixty-five in silver letters on a silver pedestal  Stock Photo

I was really afraid after my un-fill on Wednesday that the scale would bounch back up a little.  And quite honestly, that first full day that I was able to eat normal again, I wanted to eat everything in sight.  I was like a kid let loose in a candy store!  However, I regained my composure and I'm down another 1.2 which brings me to a whopping grand total of 65 pounds lost!  That makes my current weight at 165, a new all time low.

It's amazing how how much better I eat, and make healthier choices, now that I can eat without fear of pain, heartburn, or regurgitation.  I can sit down to a meal with my family and eat like they eat (in much smaller quantities).  To me, that's a gift.

My 5K race is one week from today, which means my birthday is also one week away (gasp!).  I bumped up my run this morning and did 2.8 (instead of my typical 2).  I sure hope I'm ready for the race because my sister and BIL are flying in for this and I don't want to look like a big loser!  It'll be a nice weekend in the city and after the race we're all going on a river boat ride.  I hear it's a great way to see the Chicago skyline.  Five years living here and we've never done a boat ride.  I can't think of a better reason to do it now.

I had to get a new drivers license last week.  I was all ready to ask the lady to change my weight (darn you Illinois for putting our weight is on the license!) but she looked at the old one in the computer system and said "Oh, we have this all wrong in here. It says you weigh 215!".  I just smiled and said "That's right, I did, but I'd like to change that today".  She looked at me all bug-eyed, so I said  "I was pregnant then, and now I'm not".  Ha!  Well, I was pregnant when we moved here, but I was also a big heifer even when I wasn't pregnant.  I didn't think she really needed all that explanation so I just told her my current accurate weight and went on my merry way with a big smile on my face.  These are the moments that reassure me that I did the right thing when I chose the Band.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting Back to Normal

Funny how Beth Ann wrote about the same thing I am about to write about...listen to your body!  You know what's best for YOU.

For several weeks now I've been unable to eat much in the way of solid food.  For example, I tried to eat one meatball 2 weeks ago and regretted it for several hours to follow.  I wasn't quite sure what went wrong and why my band was getting tighter instead of looser with the passing of time.

Although I've enjoyed the weight loss aspect of not being able to eat much, I knew in my heart that this was not the 'right' way to be losing weight, not to mention I was afraid of my hair falling out again!
It got so bad over the weekend that I was unable to drink my morning protein shake without significant discomfort.  Then came the dreaded warning sign of heart burn.  I felt I had waited long enough and made an appointment for a slight un-fill.  Keep in mind that I haven't had a fill since January so for things to be changing like this now was a big mystery for me.

Here's what the doc told me...
Once there is inflammation or irritation around the band, for whatever reason, it typically will not go down on its own.  There's no rhyme or reason to the band and everybody is different. An un-fill would be required to allow the inflammation to go down.

I had given it a good try for a couple of weeks and stuck to mushy foods to no avail, it was time for intervention.  He removed .5cc from my band, leaving me with 5 in a size 14cc band.  I seem to recall I was comfortable when I was at 5 before, and 5.5 seemed just a smidge too tight.

I can tell you that almost immediately I felt relief.  I realized I had learned to live with a 'choking' feeling all the time.  Once it was gone, I knew I had been suffering needlessly and shouldn't have let it go on for so long (just hoping it would go away on its own).

I asked him if I might have a slip.  He says I would be in pain if there was a slip.  Although I was having some discomfort while trying to eat, I wouldn't describe it as pain.  Just a really uncomfortable fullness, like after a big Thanksgiving dinner when you know you've had one scoop too many of that stuffing!

Here's what I know for sure after this experience...

It is NOT normal to hear water gurgling and squeaking, trying to get through the band.
It is NOT normal to not be able to eat any solid protein (chicken, fish, etc.)
Living on pudding and oatmeal is NOT normal.
Burping and hiccuping  your dinner 4-5 hours after you attempted to eat it is so NOT normal.
Feeling like you're choking every time you eat is NOT O.K.
Making crappy food choices just so you can get something in your system is NO way to live your life.

I am happy to say that I ate my oatmeal for lunch today (docs orders to keep it light today) with no discomfort, no burping, no heartburn.

Hallelujah, AMEN, I am FREE!
I feel like a new woman.
I hope this was helpful to anyone out there who is wondering if their band is too tight and what to do about it.

Enjoy the rest of your week people!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Still Losing!

OK, I have to admit I really have no idea what's happening.  All of a sudden I'm losing weight on a regular basis again.  I was so used to being stuck at the same weight for so long, I never thought I'd start seeing significant losses again.  And the scary thing is I really have no idea what exactly triggered the difference.

It's Saturday so let's get right to the weigh in part of this post.  Today I weighed in at 166.2 which brings my loss to a grand total of


Here's a few things that may, or may not, have contributed to the recent loss...

~ After I met with my surgeon, I felt like the pressure was off. He went on and on about how successful I've been, that he's proud of me and talked about how I'm now on 'maintenance', etc.  I think that whole pep talk just took all the heat off me and I now feel like I don't have to kill myself to try to lose more weight.  As odd as it sounds, I think that has made it easier for me.  Talk about some wacky psychological stuff going on there!
~ I had my period last week.  I can NOT eat at all when I have it.  I survive the week on pudding and popsicles.  It's painful and it sucks big time but I've learned that this is a part of life for me.  It happens every month without fail.  This may have jump started things a bit for me.
~ With hubby working out of town for part of the week, I've been able to change things up a bit with meal times.  I have my main meal at lunch time, and just eat something small and light (like a yogurt) at dinner time with the kids.  This has worked well for the band since I'm usually pretty tight in the evening anyway.  Hey, that's how the European's have been eating for centuries, now I'm joining in!
~  And last, but certainly not least...I've been keeping a food journal *gasp!*.  I know, I know...we all hate it but we know it works.  I just jot down the food item, calories, and protein.  That's it, short and simple.  I leave it on my kitchen counter which helps me to remember to write things down throughout the day.  Even if I don't know the nutritional values for something I eat, like home made chili, I guess and write it down any way.  I think that's better than not documenting it at all and totally losing track.
So there you have it.  Maybe one or all of those things have helped me to lose weight this week and last.  I'm not sure.  I just know that the new clothes I JUST bought are starting to get baggy!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Have Tomatoes Coming Out of My Ears!

I plant a small vegetable garden every year.  Usually 4 tomato plants and 2 pepper plants. This year it was actually cheaper to buy a 6 pack of tomato plants than to buy 4 individual plants so I went for it.  I knew I would have way too many tomatoes but the hubby could eat them every day, all day so no problem, right?

Well then Mother Nature decided to pull a cruel joke on me and let ALL my tomatoes ripen at the same time, while the hubby is out of town.  C'mon!  I like tomatoes, but how many can a girl (with a band) really eat?

Here's a picture of just some of the tomatoes I picked yesterday...

So I got on line and checked for recipes.  I found one for a tomato/avocado/feta salsa.  It really didn't turn out like a salsa, it was more like an awesome version of a tomato salad.

You can play with the recipe and  make it to suit your own taste.
It says to dice up a couple tomatoes and an onion.  Drizzle with a Tbsp. of olive oil and a little vinegar (to taste).  Add a chopped avocado and 4 ounces of crumbled feta.  Stir and chill for 2 hours.

I had some for dinner last night and am trying to save the rest for the hubby for his dinner tonight.  I'm telling you, it was SO good, it's calling my name.

Enjoy the last of your summer veggies!