Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Have Tomatoes Coming Out of My Ears!

I plant a small vegetable garden every year.  Usually 4 tomato plants and 2 pepper plants. This year it was actually cheaper to buy a 6 pack of tomato plants than to buy 4 individual plants so I went for it.  I knew I would have way too many tomatoes but the hubby could eat them every day, all day so no problem, right?

Well then Mother Nature decided to pull a cruel joke on me and let ALL my tomatoes ripen at the same time, while the hubby is out of town.  C'mon!  I like tomatoes, but how many can a girl (with a band) really eat?

Here's a picture of just some of the tomatoes I picked yesterday...

So I got on line and checked for recipes.  I found one for a tomato/avocado/feta salsa.  It really didn't turn out like a salsa, it was more like an awesome version of a tomato salad.

You can play with the recipe and  make it to suit your own taste.
It says to dice up a couple tomatoes and an onion.  Drizzle with a Tbsp. of olive oil and a little vinegar (to taste).  Add a chopped avocado and 4 ounces of crumbled feta.  Stir and chill for 2 hours.

I had some for dinner last night and am trying to save the rest for the hubby for his dinner tonight.  I'm telling you, it was SO good, it's calling my name.

Enjoy the last of your summer veggies!


Ronnie said...

Those tomatoes looked amazing, and I don't even really like tomatoes! :)

Jody V said...

I have the same problem right now. My neighbors are constantly asking for tomatoes which is great!