Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mid-Week Catch Up

Time for a mid-week catch up...

Last weekend one of my dear friends and my hubby threw me a surprise birthday party.  It was so cool.  It was us, three other couples, and all our kids.  We had a blast!  In honor of my (impending) 40th birthday, I even had cake.  Oh good God, that darn Co$tco cake that so many of you have blogged about.  I do believe the recipe came straight from the devil himself!  Ohhhh, it was so good I even had a second piece.  Actually I cut the pieces so small that two together were about the size of one normal piece, but still.  I don't care, it was DeeeLish!
Hubby thought an updated picture would be a good idea to mark the occasion.

I finished my last big surge of hours at work and can now go back to being full time Mommy.  That makes me happy.  It makes my kids happy too,

This weekend (my actual birthday) is the Chicago Lung Run.  My Mom died 2 years ago from lung cancer so this is a cause close to my heart.  My sister and brother in law are flying in so we'll get to hang out in the city for a couple of days.  I'm pretty sure I'm at least a little bit crazy for even wanting to do the race but hey, the name of my blog is "fit by 40", and running a 5K would sure prove that to be true, right?!  I did my last training run this morning and I clocked 3 miles at 37 minutes.  Not too bad since back when I did this race the first time it took me 45 minutes.  Less fat=shorter running time.  Go figure.  I promise to post some comparison shots from last time and this one.  I plan on blowing that fat chick right out of the water!

I'm completely exhausted from being the 'single mom' during the week while hubby is away at work.  I need to take my sore, tired back to bed and call it a night.
Have a great night everyone.


Caron said...

Great picture. Have fun this weekend! :)

Jody V said...

Happy Birthday! Good luck at the race!!

Something About Kellie said...

Good luck with the race - I am sure your mum will be wathing over you and will be proud!