Saturday, September 3, 2011

Still Losing!

OK, I have to admit I really have no idea what's happening.  All of a sudden I'm losing weight on a regular basis again.  I was so used to being stuck at the same weight for so long, I never thought I'd start seeing significant losses again.  And the scary thing is I really have no idea what exactly triggered the difference.

It's Saturday so let's get right to the weigh in part of this post.  Today I weighed in at 166.2 which brings my loss to a grand total of


Here's a few things that may, or may not, have contributed to the recent loss...

~ After I met with my surgeon, I felt like the pressure was off. He went on and on about how successful I've been, that he's proud of me and talked about how I'm now on 'maintenance', etc.  I think that whole pep talk just took all the heat off me and I now feel like I don't have to kill myself to try to lose more weight.  As odd as it sounds, I think that has made it easier for me.  Talk about some wacky psychological stuff going on there!
~ I had my period last week.  I can NOT eat at all when I have it.  I survive the week on pudding and popsicles.  It's painful and it sucks big time but I've learned that this is a part of life for me.  It happens every month without fail.  This may have jump started things a bit for me.
~ With hubby working out of town for part of the week, I've been able to change things up a bit with meal times.  I have my main meal at lunch time, and just eat something small and light (like a yogurt) at dinner time with the kids.  This has worked well for the band since I'm usually pretty tight in the evening anyway.  Hey, that's how the European's have been eating for centuries, now I'm joining in!
~  And last, but certainly not least...I've been keeping a food journal *gasp!*.  I know, I know...we all hate it but we know it works.  I just jot down the food item, calories, and protein.  That's it, short and simple.  I leave it on my kitchen counter which helps me to remember to write things down throughout the day.  Even if I don't know the nutritional values for something I eat, like home made chili, I guess and write it down any way.  I think that's better than not documenting it at all and totally losing track.
So there you have it.  Maybe one or all of those things have helped me to lose weight this week and last.  I'm not sure.  I just know that the new clothes I JUST bought are starting to get baggy!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


o.c. bandster said...

I am going to give you the same advice I think YOU gave to me....maybe you aren't burning as much as usual b/c your gym schedule went out the window & your body is letting go. could just be all the things you listed in your post. ha ha.

this whole "experiment" is so perplexing. IF you figure out the difference, let me know!! Congrats anyway!

Red Riding Hood said...

Whatever the reason - YAY!

Jody V said...

Great weight loss! I think you're onto something with the big midday meal. I'm also too tight in the evening for dinner.

Camille said...

Nice job!

FritoBandito said...

I'm so opposite from you....during my period I can (and usually do) eat EVERYTHING within an arms reach. It's feels like I don't even have a band. And my evening times are my hungriest time of day. I WISH I was tighter at night...

Whatever the reason, I hope it keeps up for you!

Ronnie said...

Whatever it is, I don't hate it! :)