Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Quick Update For the Weekend

I neglected to mention in yesterdays post that the hubby is not coming home this weekend, because we're going there to see him.  The girls and I are heading out in the morning.  It's only a 90 mile drive.  Hubby knows how directionally challenged I am so he wrote out the directions turn by turn for me (and I have a GPS) so I should be just fine.

We'll get to see the new office, and meet the bosses.  I have a nice outfit picked out and even gave myself a pedi today.  Of course I have 2 brand new zits to show off as well. Lovely.

The company is treating us to this 'house hunting' trip so hotel and meals is on them.  That means we're going out to dinner and Mama's craving Chinese food!  I'll probably be able to eat 3 bites and be done, but I don't care, I have a taste for it.  Can you tell we don't go out much?

In other news, the bathroom exhaust fan worked today.  I'm sure it's a temporary thing but at least it keeps me off the ladder for a few more days.

The downstairs toilet has decided to flush today, although it still gurgles like it's choking on a chicken bone, it flushes.  That's all that matter as far as I'm concerned.

The temperature here in the Chicago area is going to be nearly 80 all weekend.  So sorry to all you "BOOBS" ladies who had to endure the cold last week.  Nobody could have predicted this!

My girls each do a sport as well as swim lessons  That and the nightly homework has me running ragged.  We decided that we're doing the next session of swim lessons on Saturdays, when hubby is in town.  That should relieve a bit of the stress on me of constantly running them to one event or another.  Phew!

I want to eat cookies.  And peanut butter.  Ya' think T.O.M. is on the way or what?!

That's all for tonight.  I hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend.
See ya' next week!


Dawnya said...

Okay....I think I need to backtrack and read again. I don't remember hubby changing jobs and being away. Ugh...either I didn't read that...or the kids have officially made me lose my mind.

Be safe on your trip this weekend. Enjoy your chinese. Big hugs to you....oh yeah...get some sleep.

Justawallflower said...

After last weekend and this weekend you should be able to navigate anywhere! You go girl! Really wish I could have got more time with you!