Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sometimes, no matter if it's on sale AND you have a great coupon, some things should just be left on the shelf, never to be looked at again.

Like these...

You know how most crack addicts say they were addicted after just their first try of the drug?  Yeah, if you want to share in that experience with the crack addicts of the world, go ahead and buy this product.

Daughter #2 and I were shopping today, around lunch time.  BIG mistake.  We opened the bag in the car on the way home and COULD NOT STOP EATING!
The bag should say "C'mon I dare you, just try to eat one little serving and walk away...I bet you can't!".  It's like that old potato chip commercial "I betcha' can't eat just one".  In fact I popped some more in my mouth after I took the picture of the damn bag!

I just had to portion them out in little snack bags for Daughter #1 to take to school with her this week so that I would stop snacking.

I don't recommend making this item your entire lunch and afternoon snack.  However, after my little 'experimentation' with the new drug today, I had absolutely no room (or calories) left in my pouch for anything else.  I'm sure Phil (the band) is cursing me right now.

Consider this your public service announcement.  DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT if you value your waist line, and your blood sugar levels, and your sanity.

Enough said.


Justawallflower said...

How wrong is it that the only thing you convinced me of is that I now want to go out and buy a bag?! Thanks for that!

Ronnie said...

Mm, I had some of this about a week ago... it wasn't as good as the kind I make at home... now that just makes me want some homemade kind! lol

Caron said...

Peanut butter and chocolate! My favorite flavors. Yeah, thanks for the warning. I will NOT be buying this. :)

Shannon said...

i am with brandi! I just want to go out and buy a bag!! I love the home made version better too :)

Can you please email me about the meet up so I can get back to you on a time and place :)

FitBy40 said...

Brandi, I was afraid of that!
Shannon, I just sent you another eamil...let's try to make this happen!

Amy W. said...

I will tell you that when I make them they are even better...but you should know that I discovered these several months ago, ate the entire bag, hid the bag in the oven because Heather never checks there...and wouldnt you know it...the very next day she was cleaning the oven door, opened the damn thing and found the bag. Karma

Caron said...

I was about to post about making pumpkin butter today and I'll include a picture of the little phylo shells as I plan to make teeny pumpkin pies with them. Yum. Anyway, they are in frozen food and come 15 to a box. They were not expensive at Walmart. :)