Sunday, October 2, 2011

We're Back!

Phew, a week in Disney with the family was great fun and a much needed vacation.  We all had a fantastic time.  The in-laws were in their glory getting to spend so much time with the kids.

I took Caron's comment to heart and didn't let the world of excess take over my body and my brain, and it worked.  When I got on the scale yesterday it said I was up about 1 pound.  I'll take that and run with it.  We were on the 'dining plan' which afforded us some lovely, elegant meals, but I ate until I was full and pushed the rest away. I had to fight years and years of training about how bad it is to let food go to waste.  My mother would be cringing, but I had to let it go and remind myself daily that it's not about the food, it's about my health.
I also had dessert.  Not tons, and not overboard, but I didn't want to feel deprived.  I had a little here and there and since we were walking about 14,000 steps per day as well as swimming (and sweating profusely in the 90 degree + humidity!), I figured I was entitled.

Here are a couple of my favorite things heard while on vacation that keep me smiling whenever I think of them...

While in the pool:
"You can always tell the Europeans by their bathing suits.  Check out the guy in the Speedo".
Mother in Law:
"Mm Hmmm. I see him.  I'm waiting for him to turn around so I can see his junk".

OMG, that's my 60+ year old MIL.  She's a freaking riot!

While watching a parade in Magic Kingdom:
6 year old daughter:
"Mom, did you see that!?  Prince Eric waved at me and blew me a kiss!  I think he might be in love with me.  He probably thinks I'm a princess.  You know, because I'm shorter than him.  And, I'm wearing a dress."

After a day of shows at Animal Kingdom:
6 year old again:
"This has been the best day of my whole life!"

After a long, exhausting day:
"I took a Ben@dryl so I'll get a good night sleep tonight"
"We might have to call an intervention.  You know that's how Michael Jackson got started, right?"

We got back Friday afternoon and then first thing Saturday morning I hopped on a train to Chicago to meet up with some of my favorite "BOOBS" who were there for the weekend meet-up.  I wish I could have joined them for the whole weekend but that obviously was not in the cards for this year.
It was so nice to meet these ladies in person after following their blogs for a year now.
First was Brandi, who graciously let me hang in her hotel room while I waited for Beth Ann to get back from exercising (yup, even on vacation!).  She totally rocks.  While there, in walks Dawnya! I was a bit star struck.  I love reading her blog and had no idea I would be meeting her.  It was a nice surprise and she is as fun and lovable as she is on her blog, truly!  On our way out we ran into Catherine.  Another situation of feeling like I had just met a movie star or something.  She's great and I love reading about her life in NYC.  I live vicariously through her since I pretty much live in the middle of corn fields here.

Beth and I went out to lunch together along with 2 other ladies who I have not been following, but now I will!  One was Debi, who ironically enough has a brother who went to the same college as I did.  Such a small world.  And the lovely Crystal whose blog I can't seem to find anywhere (help me out Beth!).
They were all awesome and beautiful.  Beth took a picture after lunch and it might end up on her blog once she's back at home and blogging again.  I didn't have my camera with me since I had about a thousand Disney pics on my memory card that I was still trying to upload and edit.

So, after a whirlwind week and weekend, I think we just might be back to normal here.  Hubby's out golfing, I'm blogging and putting away laundry, the kiddos are watching cartoons.  All is right with the world.

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!


Caron said...

Wow! You really packed a lot into a short amount of time. Disney and BOOB's sounds pretty fabulous to me. I loved the comments you printed from the family.

Isn't it great to come back and not have a big gain to contend with and worry about! I love the stories at WW when people go on vacations and cruises and come back to report they maintained or actually lost a couple of pounds but still ate well and had a great time. :)

Beth Ann said...

Loved, loved, loved meeting you!! Krystal is also known as KMR. You should be able to find her that way. If not, email me!

Beth Ann said...

Oh, and I had to add that I just some the Prince Eric story. I smiled again reading it here. :)