Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wisconsin Weekend

We're back, again.  All this traveling is wearing on me, for real.  I've spent more time in hotel rooms in the past 3 weeks than I've spent in an entire year, and I'm ready to just be home.

The weekend in Wisconsin with the hubby was good.  The girls and I were anxious to see where he works, and the hotel he hangs out in during the week.  Everybody at the office just LOVED the girls.  It was sweet.

We spent a day at the awesome Milwaukee Zoo.  It was the perfect day for it and the kids had a great time.  We even bought an annual pass so we'll definitely be back.
Here's what the hubby thought would be cool to do with my precious little babies...

Yeah, that's a ski lift.  God only knows how high that thing is but it's WAY too high for my liking.  You notice I'm not with them.  Nope. I told the kiddos "Mommy doesn't have enough dollars for all of us to go, so you just go with Daddy, OK?".  Yup, I'm a big liar and that's OK with me because I really didn't want to have the zoo staff call the paramedics for the woman who had a heart attack on the sky ride.  Holy Mother, it scares me just to look at this picture, and of course I'm thinking about how my babies could have fallen out!

The best part was when my 4 year old yelled "This is SO COOL Mom, but you wouldn't like it!".  I guess I wasn't fooling her any, huh?
When they got off I said "You know, when we come back here, I think we should go on the choo choo train".  Much more my speed, thank you very much.

One night hubby tells me he needs bottled water.  Well, say no more, I never need an excuse for an impromptu shopping trip to Wally World!  I ran right out (because I'm a nice wife after all) to get my man some water.  While I'm shopping I notice two guys walking through the aisles, looking clueless.  One is carrying beer, the other is carrying chips.  Of course they have no cart, because it's in the man rule book, you do not shop with a cart. It's not masculine.  I hear the one say to the other, and I quote "Do you wanna' get an apple or somethin'?  You know, for tomorrow?".  I REALLY wanted to say "Yeah, after a night of drinking beer and eating chips, you should start tomorrow off with an apple.  You know, to split between the two of you".  If you ever need a good laugh, go to W@lmart at night.  It'll be worth the trip.
By the way, I was almost to the check out before I noticed I had plenty of things in my cart, but no water.  That would have been funny!

No weekly weigh in this week because I wasn't home to do it.  Sorry to disappoint but I'm not going to weigh until Saturday (my regular day) because Mama needs to work off that Chinese food I got over the weekend.  And, there might have been some alcohol in that shopping cart too, I'm just sayin', hypothetically.

Have a great week everyone!


speck said...

Yeh I'm not sure about that ski lift either! lol

I bet it was beautiful there. You can see that the leaves are turning in the picture.

Hopefully you will get some rest soon. :)

Beth Ann said...

Ha! Boys are funny.

Glad that the trip went well!