Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do You Whey?

OK, obviously nobody wants my clothes and I'll just assume it's because so many of the women who read my blog are already at or below my size. No hard feelings.

Moving on...

For over a year now I've been starting my day with a soy based protein shake. I started with Genisoy but have also tried Bob's Red Mill. They've both been fine for me so far.

Recently I decided to take the leap to Whey protein. I hear the trainers at the gym talk about how it's so good at building and repairing lean muscle mass. I could use some of that.

However, they say you should have the shake after a big work out. Hmmm. I have a problem with that because I have my shake first thing in the morning as my breakfast. 'Meal replacement' if you will. Actually, once a week when I work out at 5am. I do have the shake after the gym, but all the other days I have it before.

I've been using this for a few days now...

27g protein and only 1g of sugar!

I have to say it is pretty tasty. It's a bit too sweet but the one I had been using is unflavored, so I expected to feel that way at least in the beginning. So far I've noticed it does hold me longer. The protein content is very high, and I mix it with milk and a banana, so it's thick. I have it at 7am. and I can make it until about 11am. before I need to eat something. The soy only stayed with me until about 9:30. Bonus!

I was a little crampy during spin class yesterday but I don't know if it was from the protein, or because I was working super hard and sweating profusely.

So, what do you use? Do you whey? What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on protein.


Ronnie said...

During the day I try to get all of my protein from meats and such. I hardly ever do protein shakes.

I love the idea of a protein shake, I just feel like I should have something a little more solid in the morning. That being said, I normally have a protein BAR. lol So I don't know how great that really is, since it's basically a glorified candy bar.

Amy W. said...

AW, I would totally have had you send me your clothes if we were size compatible! Heather drinks a muscle milk shake for meal replacement everyday. She doesnt do the whey though. She buys those big tubs. Her favorite is cake batter. I kinda liked her blueberry.

Andrea said...

I use Unjury protein powder. I have a protein drink every morning for breakfast. I'm not a breakfast person, so it's good for me to have something. On the days that I workout, I also do a protein drink after I'm done with my workout to help rebuild muscle.

Beth Ann said...

I used to take my best items to Group because I just didn't want to take them to Goodwill, but the same thing happened. Either people weren't close to being in those sizes yet or they were already out of them! Oh well, Goodwill got a windfall from me. :)

I'm not a protein powder girl, but you are making it sound appealing!

Lap Band Gal said...

Whey protein isolate is the best source of protein. I like Unjury.