Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ramblings of an Insomniac

Up at 5am., Why?

I have no idea so it must be that I need to catch up on some blog reading. Now that I've done that, I guess I'll share with you what's on my mind at this ungodly hour.

Ever since this weight loss surgery thing, I'm a little obsessed with the rule of "protein first", especially with my kids. We all know kids hardly ever get enough protein in their diets, so I'm trying to be creative in the kitchen.
My little one is still home with me most days and she LOVES to bake, which gives me plenty of opportunities to experiment.

I had this scone mix in my pantry for what seems like forever.

All natural (and on sale!)

I hadn't wanted to make it because the instructions call for a cup of heavy cream. No way! Since kiddo wanted to bake, I decided to try making it with a cup of  plain Greek yogurt. I warned her that it might not turn out OK, and that we would just try, and see what happens.

And here's what happened...

They turned out perfect. I wish I had a picture of the kiddo stuffing her face and asking for more! They were moist and yummy, I even got to have almost a whole piece without much protest from the band.

I find it amusing that I ate almost 1 piece, and both my kids at 2 and wanted a 3rd (I said no)! They are 4 and 6 years old and their stomachs are bigger than mine. Pretty cool, huh?

On a separate topic (because I'm awake, you have to care)...Water.

I've never really paid much attention to how much water I drink in a day because quite honestly, I'm always drinking. I get enough liquids in, it's never been an issue. However I recently started thinking about how much of what I drink is just pure water.

I have 8oz of milk with my shake in the am. I have about 16oz. of decaf coffee. I have one 20oz. Life Water each day. But how much plain water do I really drink?

I found this in the back of my cupboard the other day...

I have no idea where it came from, but it's mine now. It's conveniently labeled so I know how many ounces I'm having. I have committed to drinking one full 32oz. bottle of just plain, old fashioned water every day. I fill it up at the beginning of the day, and regardless of what else I'm drinking throughout the day, this thing has to be empty by bed time.

There's just one problem. Well, actually there's two. First, it's new and different so my kids are currently obsessed with it and try to take sips from it all day which is no help to me!
The second issue is that there's nothing preventing me from spilling it. Like say, on my lap top. I must be a toddler because I need a sippy top. I cannot be trusted! I'm waiting for some sign that there's permanent water damage on this thing. So far, so good.

At least my computer and end table are all nice and clean now, right?

OK, I better go make that protein shake before the kids are up begging for more scones.
Have a great day people!


Justawallflower said...

My husband always tries to take sips of my water, and I often, unintentionally, yell at him. I'm obsessed with keeping track of my water. It is the only thing I do track. I usually get anywhere from 14 to 18 glasses of pure water a day, and two cups of coffee and one protein shake as well. I'm lucky that, aside from my morning joe, I don't really crave other drinks very often. I'm drinking water ALL DAY LONG. I'm pretty sure my co-workers think I have serious bathroom issues! Okay, didn't mean to write a book here!

Ronnie said...

That scone recipe sounds amazing... great idea with the Greek yogurt. :)

Caron said...

I kind of track my water in my head and do well with that. I usually add lemon juice to at least one bottle each day. Now, if I can just get myself to be as consistent with exercise.

MizFit said...

oh *drool*
and oh I shall keep this short as my comment, too, would be ramblings of a fellow insomniac.


Sam said...

I will need to try the yoghurt :o)