Monday, November 7, 2011

Sisterhood Alert

Before I haul all my old clothes over to the local good will, I thought I'd pick out a few of the nicer things and see if any of my Banded Sisters would be interested.

Just leave me a comment letting me know what you'd like, and it's yours. I'll take care of the postage (unless you live out of the country!).

First is my favorite dressy top. You can't really tell from the picture but it's a black tank with a sheer overlay. The overlay has really sweet embroidery.
Dress Barn Woman 14/16

Next is a long formal black skirt. It too has a sheer overlay (I've worn it with above mentioned top).
I'm 5' 5" and it comes to my ankles with heels.
Dress Barn Woman 16W

And lastly is an eggplant colored skirt. Falls just below my knees. Flowy, slightly ruffly bottom.
JC Penney Worthington Collection 18W

If this goes well, I'll post more tomorrow.
Have a great day!


Sam said...

Love the clothes, which I was in those sizes, but not yet :(

Stephanie M. said...

I'd love the dressy top if it hasn't been claimed yet.