Thursday, December 15, 2011

The New Love of My Life

I have a new found love. My hubby is OK with this new love. He's in love too. We all are.

Isn't he lovely?

At first glance, this might look like an ordinary blender. But believe me, it's anything but ordinary.
It's the Vita Mix 5000 and that baby can do anything from make soup to peanut butter!
Hubby has been eye balling this thing for years. They demonstrate it at Co$tco several times a year and the guy stands there and makes samples of all the different types of things it can do.

We've enjoyed numerous samples, and then the frugal wife says "No way in hell we are paying that kind of money for a blender!".

Well, Saturday the cute little guy was there yet again, making more amazing things in his magic machine. Hubby was mesmerized. Star struck. He stood there watching for a looooong time.
Then he turned to me with his sweet little face...the face of a man who never asks for anything because EVERYTHING we buy is for me or the kids, and says
"What if we get it and call it our Christmas gift to each other?".

OK, FINE. Sounds good to me. Not that we've EVER spent that much money on each other for Christmas since we've been together, but FINE. Throw the darn thing in the cart.

I think I've used it 4 times a day since Saturday. Yup, me, the El Cheapo skeptic who said NO for years and years, can't stop using this machine. I made my protein shake in it this morning. Wanna' see?

That frozen dream come true has an entire cup of unsweetened blueberries, and a handful of raw spinach. That's right, I had SPINACH for breakfast. Don't hate me.

I keep thinking 'why didn't I have this when I was banded and had to do liquids and pureed foods?'. Ugh!

As a bandster, I know I never get enough veggies in. It's just not physically possible to get enough protein AND  veggies in when I have a pouch the size of an egg! But now that I have my lovely new appliance, I can puree those veggies and drink them! Pretty cool, huh?

So far I've made:
Several different soups
Peanut butter
Cashew butter
Strawberry sorbet (yogurt and frozen strawberries)
Chocolate ice cream (milk, Instant Breakfast, and frozen bananas)
smoothies for the kids (with carrots!)
protein shakes for me

I have to say that I am not being paid by the Vita Mix company, although I wish I was because it could help me pay for their machine! I'm not being endorsed at all. I just wanted to share with you my latest obsession. It really is amazing.
I know this is the wrong time of year to be thinking about spending money, but if your wallet will allow, I think this thing is a great investment for people like us weight loss folks who need to get all their nutrients in, and have trouble doing so.
OR you could just come on over and I'd be happy to whiz up something delicious for you!
I love this thing!

Have a great day.


Vanessa said...

I am sooooo Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been coveting the vitamix for years!

Jen said...

WANT!!!!!!! That smoothie looks amazing. Yum-O!

Jody V said...

Very nice!

Ronnie said...

Yum. Enjoy! :)

Amy W. said...

Damn you. I just saw this on the food network tonight! Did you know that it makes your soups hot? Or something. I want that smoothie btw.

Sam said...

That looks like an interesting concoction :o) enjoy !!!!

o.c. bandster said...

oh man....another reason to get the vitamix. Hubby and I were just talking about it AGAIN this week. so hard to spend the big bucks but maybe...

Andrea said...

That's awesome! I've seen those at costco and they look amazing!

E. Jane said...

Thast looks like a wonderful tool! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. 'tis the season for stress, but we'll get through it!