Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Night From Hell

I don't think I have any men who read my blog, except my hubby, but if you happen to be of the male persuasion, please stop reading and go elsewhere...

Normally, every single month, the day or two before I get my T.O.M., I go through a need to devour everything with no nutritional value (junk) that may be in my path. Then T.O.M. arrives and I say "Oh yeah, that's why I wanted to eat six pounds of chocolate yesterday. That explains it.". And that's the end of it.
It's the one time that I can eat like that and NOT gain any weight, probably because the band gets so tight I can't eat anything else.

Then there's yesterday. I had a pretty normal day. Not much of an appetite. I started to have a dull headache pop up here and there throughout the day and even mentioned it to my hubby, saying "I really should take some Tylenol before this gets worse". I even said "this almost feels like a period headache, but it's a week too early for that".

We had a very busy afternoon and evening. I kept putting off taking anything. I finally took some Tylenol at 8pm. and was in bed by 9:00.

I woke up at 2am. to go to the bathroom and instantly felt like somebody hit me in the head with a baseball bat. Wham! Complete agony. My eye started to water profusely and I had to find my way to the medicine cabinet in the dark. I downed 3 more Tylenol and prayed they would just slide through the band. They did. I crawled back upstairs and back to bed. Hubby woke up and asked what was wrong. He said I was making a sound he has never heard from me before, like a squeaky wimper. He was scared.
I swear, this must be what having a stroke feels like! All I could think about was Draz and her migraines that get so bad she has to go to the hospital. I can now imagine what that feels like because if it got even a teensie bit worse, I would have been heading to the ER myself.

I managed to fall back to sleep for a little while. However, and here's the funny/gross part...

Hubby comes in at 4am. and wakes me saying "Honey, your period came".
Um, What?! 
My first thought was, 'I'm laying in bed, how the hell would you know if I have my period?'
But before I could ask, he reminded me that I went to the bathroom at 2am., and did NOT flush the toilet.
Oh good God. I'm so happy we've been married for a while and we don't embarrass easily! This man is part saint, I tell ya'.

So that was my night from hell. Today the headache is still there, but a much more manageable dull roar.
Now I'm wondering. Is this another change happening to my body? Am I no longer going to have the intense cravings each month? Can I expect this horrific pain in my head instead of the cravings?
I have to tell you, I'd rather be able to eat a bunch of chocolate and move on with my day. This totally sucks!

And just so you know, getting on the scale the first morning of your period...not a good idea. My scale tried to tell my I gained 5 pounds in 2 days. Whatever!

So, have any of you bandsters out there noticed a difference in these 'monthly' sort of things? I'd love to hear about it.


o.c. bandster said...

Well I am still new at this & am trying to track my tightness with ol aunt flo. I notice that I too have the crazy sugar cravings & am super tight for 2-3 days prior. Your headache sounds way worse than mt TOM hormonal headaches. Hang in there!

Sam said...

All I an say is that I hope hat doesn't happen to me, cause it don't sound pretty, my usual is to eat everything in sight thing. I sorof hope right now that it stays hat way :/

Dawnya said...

The headaches from hell are no joke. I hope it goes away today.