Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thinks to Make You Go Hmmmm?

A few little nuggets for you...

  • I took the kids to lunch today for a rare treat since they are both off from school (and driving me nuts!). There were 2 women at the next table, I have to assume friends out for a casual lunch together. They sat across from each other the ENTIRE time, tapping away at their smart phones, and not talking to each other. Seriously? What's the point of going to lunch with a friend if you aren't going to talk? Is that what our society has become? No thank you.

  • For the last year + I've been thinking I'm not doing too bad in the loose skin department. I've lost 70 pounds (give or take) and I work out a lot, so sure my arms are a little flabby, but on the whole, nothing too serious. That is until yesterday when I bent over in the shower to shave my legs. Oh Holy Mother of God! There was so much wrinkly skin, for a moment I was pretty sure a newborn baby elephant had joined me in the shower! Where the heck did that come from? And more importantly, I must make sure my husband NEVER lays eyes on that hot mess. Ewwwwww!

  • The in-laws are on their way to town. This is the first year they'll be spending Christmas here in our home. You'd think I would be nervous or freaking out over the preparations. However, I sit here blogging instead of vacuuming my carpets. I guess I'm pretty comfortable with them, and they aren't here to see my carpets anyway!

  • My 4 year old told me yesterday "Mom, I can see your white hairs again. It's time to go get another box of that stuff". Great. Gotta' love the honesty of kids. I'll be heading to the drug store later today, maybe after vacuuming.

  • I had another vivid dream about my Mom last night. She passed away 2 years ago but in my dreams she's always alive. Sick, but alive and talking to me. I wonder if she's coming to me in my dreams to let me know she's with me. Kinda' weird but I tend to believe in that kind of stuff.

  • I took the kids to the gym day care today so I could get in a quick core workout. It was pretty grueling but I know my moods are better when I exercise, and I have more patience with the kids. It was worth the $2 fee the facility charged me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to spin class in the morning too, in my futile attempt to fight off the Holiday Hungries.
I think that's about it for now. I've procrastinated enough, I must clean the house a little.
I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy and happy holiday.

Merry Christmas!


Ronnie said...

I bet your mom is trying to tell you how proud she is of you!

Hope the weekend with the in-laws goes well. Enjoy it!

Also, I got the loose thigh skin thing happening, too. Why, oh why?!

speck said...

I enjoyed reading your post. And thanks for the reminder that exericse helps with mood/kids!

Caron said...

The phone thing bugs me too. I see so many people seemingly glued to their phones. About once a day I think "How did we survive without these silly cell phones?" Oh well, we did and the world just ran merrily along.

Merry Christmas to you too. :)

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Love the mom dreams...I had one about my Gma recently. Very healing.

Dani said...

I had a dream about my dad who passed away 3 years ago,the other night-must be the season.. Merry Christmas :)